Sunday, May 14, 2023

Statis-Pro Similar to Actual Season Statistically

Here is the grid of our Statis-Pro games so far and some averages. This is from the top of this game log of all our games played this season.

Seven of the 10 teams are close to their final record last season, with only the Statis-Pro Pirates and Diamondbacks playing much better than last year, and only the Reds playing much worse. 

We have had slightly fewer runs scored in Statis-Pro then in the actual season from last year on which the projections are based. Statis-Pro starting pitchers have averaged a 3.68 ERA while the league ERA was 3.97. Overall teams in our Statis-Pro season are averaging 4.12 runs per game, while last year 4.28 was the actual average. We have noted, this is normal because we use a 4-man rotation rather than a 6-day rotation, and we let each reliever pitch in one out of every two games in a series, whereas a reliever would not really pitch in 81 of 162 games. 

Therefore, a lot more at bats in our Statis-Pro game are against better opposing pitchers.

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