Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Venezuela Clutch Defense Ends Central America Cinderella Run

The most excited play in Statis-Pro Baseball is the Clutch Defense play down the 3rd or 1st base line, because the corner defender can do anything from a great catch and double off the runner, to letting it get by for a bases clearing extra base hit. Clutch Defensive plays, plus one defensive throw save Venezuela for a 3-2 win in 11 innings to advance to the playoffs.

Here is the clutch defense chart we use from the free Statis-Pro Master Baseball Game. 

With Central America trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the 8th, Rod Carew hit a ball down the third base line after the speedy pinch runner Omar Moreno has stolen second base and used his OBR A to advance to third on a groundout.  If the ball had gone down the line Central America would have won the game in the next inning after two straight come-from-behind upsets of Asia to make a stunning playoff run.

Instead third baseman Omar Vizquel, who had replaced Edgardo Alfonzo (we allow shortstops to play third or second base), made a diving Clutch Defensive play to not only record the second out but then tag the third base bag to eliminate Moreno.

In the bottom of the 9th Central America did tie the game with one-out singles by Frankie Austin and Jorge Orta. After Carlos Lee drew a walk to load the bases with two outs, Ben Oglivie singled in the game-tying single. However, it appeared it would be the game-winning single to send Central America to the playoffs until left fielder Bobby Abreu threw Orta out at the plate to force extra innings.

Still it looked like Central America had the edge with Mariano Rivera on the mound, and we do allow relievers to go more than their normal maximum innings if they do not enter the game until the 9th inning or later. Rivera's RR (endurance) is 3, but because he threw a perfect 9th and 10th, he still had RR1 left going into the 11th. He kept that in tact by striking out Salvador Perez to start the inning and leave the extra inning runner Miguel Cabrera on 2nd base with one out. Rivera then induced a grounder to short from Magglio Ordonez that made it eight up and eight down.

The on what should have been his last batter to make it three straight 1-2-3 innings before being lifted for a pinch hitter, Rivera induced another grounder to shortstop, only this time Austin needed to come up with a Clutch Defensive play and he did not, allowing a ground single do go through to score the runner and ultimately make Rivera the loser despite allowing only the unearned inherited runner.

Venezuela was way past their top closer and set-up pitchers by the 11th, so had to put in PB 4-7 Freddy Garcia for the save, but he retired them 1-2-3 for the 3-2 win. Venezuela advances to the first playoff poll against California, the Dominican Republic and either Pennsylvania or New York with only one team advancing for the 6-game poll to make the championship pool against Texas, Puerto Rico and Florida.
1-game playin         123      456      789      1011         RHE
Venezuela00000020001 360
Central America000010     00100 260

Venezuela                Pos      AB  R  RBINote Central AmericaPos    ABRHRBINotes
Ronald Acuna Jr.7-OF31103b Rod Carew 3-1B5000robbed
Jose Altuve4-2B5110  Roberto Kelly7-OF5000 
Luis Aparicio 6-SS5012  Frankie Austin6-SS5110 
Bobby Abreu7-OF4010sb Bobby Avila4-2B4111 
Miguel Cabrera3-1B41102b Everth CabreraPR0100 
Salvador Perez2-C5000  Jorge Orta4-2B20103b
Magglio Ordonez7-OF5000  Manny Sanguillen2-C4020 
Edgardo Alfonzo5-3B20202b Carlos Lee7-OF3000 
Omar Vizquel5-3B3011GW Ben Oglivie7-OF4010 
Pablo Lopez1-P1000  Vinny Castilla5-3B10002 bb
Victor MartinezPH1000  Omar MorenoPR0000sb
Cesar TovarPH1000  Aurelio Rodriguez5-3B1000 
Carlos GonzalezPH1000  Teddy Higuera1-P1000 
Andres GalarragaPH1000  Adolfo PhillipsPH1000 
        Rennie StennettPH1000 
        Mariano Rivera 1-P0000Sac
        Alex TrevinoPH1000 
Totals 41383  Totals 38361

Th      Venezuela Pitching      PB      IP   H    R    ER   W   K    Dec
RHPPablo Lopez4-7'400001 
LHPRanger Suarez2-8'121113 
RHPUgueth Urbina2-8'100000 
RHPCarlos Carrasco4-7'110000 
LHPFelipe Vazquez2-9'100010 
RHPFrancisco Rodriguez2-9'130010 
RHPAnibal Sanchez4-7'100000W
RHPFreddy Garcia4-7'100001S
ThCentral America PBIPHRERWKDec
LHPTeddy Higuera4-7'430013 
RHPCy Acosta2-8'100020 
RHPYovani Gallardo4-7'0.212210 
RHPJoakim Soria2-8'0.120001 
RHPRoberto Osuna2-8'100000 
RHPMariano Rivera 2-9'311004L

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