Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Joe Morgan Leads Texas, but Matsui & Asia Rally for Split

Asia pulled off their second impressive split to have a 2-2 record against California and Texas with only two pool games left against the weaker Central American team.

Texas' Greg Maddux allowed only one infield single and one walk in six innings, but finally yielded a run in the 7th. Asia's right fielder Hideki Matsui had his fourth hit of the 2-game series and speedy Nori Aoki came in as a pinch runner, stole second and scored to tie the game 1-1. However Aoki had to stay in the game in right field, and ended up coming to the plate in the 8th with bases loaded and two outs and trailing Texas 3-1.  Aoki send a drive down the rightfield line and Frank Robinson's Clutch Defense could not get to it as it fell for a game-winning 3-run double for the 4-3 win.

With Asia's set-up reliever Tomo Ohka on the mound in the bottom of the 8th, Trevor Story hit a smash that was stopped only because fellow shortstop Ha-Seong Kim was a Clutch Defense 5 (CD-5), and closer Takashi Saito pitched the 9th for the 4-3 win. Yu Darvish allowed four base runners and registered eight strikeouts in six innings before leaving for a pinch hitter. Current Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts was born in Japan so is on the Asian team and pinch runs often.

In the first game, Texas' Joe Morgan had a double and stolen base and went 3 of 5 to lead Texas to a 5-4 win. Modern day Trevor Story was the only player in the Texas line-up not yet in the Hall of Fame since he is still playing, and he and 1920s star Ross Youngs both tripled in the series, but he Asian pitchers did not allow a single home run.

Here are the composite box scores for the two game series. Texas improves to 3-1 with two games left in pool play, and Asia is a surprising 2-2 with only two games left against Central America so both teams are in strong position to advance to the playoffs.

PosAsia Line-upABRHRBIOther       PosTexas Line-upABRHRBIOther
CFIchiro Suzuki9120SB 2BJoe Morgan72312-SB 2B 2-W
LFShin-Soo Choo7120  OFTris Speaker7010 
1BShohei Ohtani82112B 3BEddie Mathews71222B
2BTadahito Iguchi7221HR OFFrank Robinson50203-W
SSHa-Seong Kim7121GS-Glove SSTrevor Story81103B
RFHideki Matsui60412B 1BErnie Banks8110 
PR-RFNori Aoki11132B SB OFRoss Youngs81223B
3BJung Ho Kang8010  CBiz Mackey7020 
CKenji Johjima7010  PRDon Buford0100 
P-1Hisashi Iwakuma1000Sac P-1Bill Foster0000 
PHJi-Man Choi1000  PTex Hughson1000 
PHSeiya Suzuki0000W PHLance Berkman1000 
PRDave Roberts0000CS PHRogers Hornsby1000 
P-2Yu Darvish2000  PHNorm Cash0000W
PHSeiya Suzuki1000  PRDon Buford0100 
PHJi-Man Choi1000  P-2Greg Maddux2000 
 Asia Totals668167BA 0.242 PHRogers Hornsby10112B
        PHLance Berkman1000 
         Texas Totals648156BA 0.234

Asia Pitchers Gm 1     IPHRERWKDec       Texas Pitchers Gm 1   IPHRERWKDec
Hisashi Iwakuma653345  Bill Foster142203 
Shigetoshi Hasegawa232220L Tex Hughson300031 
         Hippo Vaughn211102 
         Burt Hooton211112W
         Justin Thompson120010S
Asia Pitchers Gm 2IPHRERWKDec Texas Pitchers Gm 2IPHRERWKDec
Yu Darvish631118  Greg Maddux751116 
Hideo Nomo0.142200  Ryan Pressly0.233311L
Kenta Maeda0.200010W Joe Nathan1.100001 
Tomo Ohka100012H  8.384428 
Takashi Saito100010S        

With the split, here are the updated Standings in our All-Time World Baseball Classic. The top two in each division after six games make the playoffs, and the third place team from the Pacific and South will play for a final playoff spots. Since lowest runs against is the tie-breaker, right now Asia and Canada would play one game for the final playoff spot, but if Asia can win both against Central America they would guaranty a spot without the playoff game unless it ended up as a 3-way tie with Texas and California for 1st.

StandPacific WLRSRA
4Central America0248
StandSouth WLRSRA
3Dominican Republic0215
StandNorth WLRSRA
1Puerto Rico2084
4New York0248

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