Monday, May 8, 2023

Left-handed and right-handed labels added to World Players before Canada vs. New York

 We have all 12 Statis-Pro World Baseball Cards in order of team on this new sheet. We have also started to fill in if they are left-handed or right-handed pitchers, and if the batters are LN or LP (12/88 meaning he strikeouts out against lefties on 11 or 12 and singles on 88) or RN or RP (88/11 singles on 88 vs. lefties or strikes out on 11 vs righties). A SN or SP (--/--) has not change. Remember, the adjustments to 11, 12 or 88 happen on both the pitcher or batter card every at bat.

Results will be filled in.

Below are the updated rosters for our next 2-game series, New York vs. Canada in the North. Canada is overwhelmingly left-handed batters, and they will get to face right-handed pitcher Jim Palmer first but then do fact a lefty in the second game in Warren Spahn.

Here is Canada's batters, followed by their pitchers and then the pitcher at bats cards. Below that the same order for New York.

Here are the baseball reference links to all those players:

Terry Puhl            7-OF      L

Joey Votto           3-1B      L

Larry Walker HOF             7-OF      L

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.       7-OF

George Selkirk   6-ss        L

Corey Koskie      5-3B      L

Russell Martin    2-C

Matt Stairs          4-2b       L

Jason Bay             7-OF

George Gibson  2-C

Jack Graney        7-OF      L

Jeff Heath            7-OF      L

Arthur Irwin        6-SS       L

Brett Lawrie        4-2b

Larry McLean     2-C

Justin Morneau 3-1B      L

Tyler O'Neill        7-OF

Goody Rosen      7-OF      L

Pete Ward           5-3B      L

LNCanada Pitching           PB

Russ Ford             2-7'       

Cal Quantrill        2-7'

Fergie Jenkins (HOF)       2-7'

James Paxton     2-7'        LHP

Rich Harden        2-7'

Erik Bedard         4-7'        LHP

Jesse Crain          2-8'

Jeff Zimmerman                2-8'

Paul Quantrill     2-7'

Rheal Cormier    2-7'        LHP

Kirk McCaskill     4-7'

Phil Marchildon 4-7'

Dick Fowler         4-7'

Reggie Cleveland              4-7'

Jeff Francis          2-6'        LHP

John Hiller            2-8'        LHP

Eric Gagne           2-8'

Ryan Dempster  4-7'


New York Line-up 1-8, subs          Pos

Eddie Collins HOF             4-2B      L

Lou Gehrig HOF 3-1B      L

Alex Rodriguez  6-SS

Carl Yastrzemski HOF      7-OF      L

Jimmy Collins HOF           5-3B

Willie Keeler HOF             7-OF      L

B.J. Surhoff         7-OF      L

Craig Biggio HOF               2-C        

Rocky Colavito   7-OF

George Davis HOF            6-SS       S

Johnny Evers HOF             4-2B      L

Hank Greenberg HOF      3-1B     

John McGraw HOF           5-3B      L

A.J. Pierzynski    2-C         L

Phil Rizzuto HOF               6-SS      

Wally Schang      2-C         S

Ken Singleton     7-OF      S

Andy Van Slyke  7-OF      L

Lou Whitaker      4-2B      L

New York Pitching            PB

Whitey Ford (HOF)           2-9'        LHP

Sandy Koufax (HOF)        2-8'        LHP

Jim Palmer (HOF)             2-8'

Warren Spahn (HOF)       2-8'        LHP

Orel Hershiser    2-8'

John Candelaria 2-8'        LHP

Sal Maglie            2-8'

Red Ryan             2-8'

John Tudor          2-8'        LHP

Johnny Antonelli               2-7'        LHP

Howard Ehmke  2-7'

Frank Viola          2-7'        LHP

Harry Howell      4-7'

George Mogridge             4-7'        LHP

Bill Dinneen        4-7'

John Franco        2-9'        LHP

Waite Hoyt (HOF)             2-8'

Hooks Wiltse      2-7'        LHP

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