Monday, May 15, 2023

Phillies Crush Pirates 3-2 and 8-1 in Statis-Pro

 Phillies vs Pirates line-ups laid out, then below that the game results. The top center is the two pitchers - Luis Ortiz for Pirates at Zack Wheeler for the Phillies as the two aces.

Next to them are normal starters not in the roster or in 60-day DL as written on the card. The Pirates are missing lead off hitter O'Neil Cruz and No. 3 hitter Ji-Man Choi, so Ji Hwan Bae (AAA speed) and cards are numbered 1-9 for where they are in the line-up.

Phillies are missing No.5 hitter Rhys Hoskins, who is on 60 day DL and actually out for the season, and Jake Cave whomis not on the recent depth chart roster and hasn't played in May. The 7 and 9 hitters Darrick Hall and Brandon Marsh, replace them in the staring line-up.

The results of the home and home:

At Philadelphia 3, Pittsburgh 2

Kyle Schwarber hit a walk off homer against Pirates Closer David Bednar to give the Phillies a 3-2 win.

Philadelphia 8, at Pittsburgh 1 (sweep)

The first five batters in the Phillies line-up all had an extra base hit, as the 8-1 sweep pushed the Phillies into 5th in the NL. As of today, the top five teams in the actual NL season are also the top five in our Statis-Pro season. The Pirates fell out of the top six.

As of now, the 6th place team that would be the final playoff spot in the actual MLB is the Pirates while the 6rh place team in Statis-Pro is the Padres, subject to the next series against the Cubs.

2nd game

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