Sunday, May 14, 2023

Roster Updates Continue then Mets vs. DBacks

We will go into a lot more detail for this one match-up of how we match up the Statis-Pro batters and pitchers cards against the roster blog to update the team before a series - using the Mets vs. Diamondbacks as an example. 

Click for the free Statis-Pro Master Baseball Game. Click here for 60 of the all-time great MLB teams, or on teams of many of the all-time great players on teams by nation or state with one sheet for each team. Or click on the 2023 pitchers and 2023 batters in card form. You simply print two teams and then either print the master link above and fast action cards in master link or buy the dice to start playing. We also occasionally produce a MLB Roster Blog post to let you check the current player cards and use the players actually on the team as you play. This blog also included whether each player pitches or bats left or right so you can add that to the card you create if it is not the projections you pull up to create a new card for a player who does not have on in our set.

The Mets rosters matched up against their Statis-Pro cards resulted in the following changes before the Mets and Reds series.

Mets Pitching Changes - Diaz Gone for Season, Other PB2-9 Peterson Not on Roster

Diaz was one of the players we let play the first four series in a "what if" set up, but now we are taking players like him who are injured for the season or at least 60-day DL.

Pitchers we put an "x" by started with the biggest change - Edwin Diaz no longer used due to 60-day DL which is actually season ending. Other pitchers' cards not used Bryce Montes de Oca, David Peterson, Denyi Reyes, Elieser Hernandez, Edwin Uteca, John Curtis, and second most important Jose Quintana, who was the No. 4 starter and thus Carlos Carrasco will move from reliever to No. 4 starter and series vs. Diamondbacks will feature Max Scherzer and then Carrasco.

We did not yet add a card for Stephen Nogosek after seeing he was on the roster but had no card, but he has only pitched in six games in relief so far.

Mets Batters Changes - line-up in tact

No new cards needed, we had a card for everyone on the roster. Cards getting an x to not be used at this time since not on the roster: Alex Ramirez, Ronny Mauricio, Abraham Almonte, Wyatt Young, Jose Peraza, Jonathan Arauz and Danny Mendick.

Diamondbacks batters - Rojas Replaces Beer in Line-up

The biggest change is Seth Beer, who was hitting 5th as DH, is not listed, so we replaced him with Josh Rojas, who was a backup but as an A/A speed we put 9th in order to give a top and bottom of order speed. 

Besides Beer, the other players we put an x on are Diego Castillo, Jake Hager, Yairo Munoz, Jorge Barrosa, P.J. Higgins, Deyvision De Los Santos, Buddy Kennedy and Jake McCarthy.

Diamondbacks pitching - Pfaadt replaces Jameson in Rotation

In pitching, No. 2 starter Drey Jameson was the most significant not in the roster blog, but one of the three replacement cards listed at the bottom, Brandon Pfaadt is a PB 4-7 and starter so we put him in as No. 2 starter after creating him and two reliever cards.

Other pitcher cards marked with an "x" right now as not on the roster include Cole Sulser, Mark Melancon, three new cards we created after the season started (Peter Solomon, Corbin Martin and Luis Frias) and finally the really bad PB 2-4 card for the once great pitcher and hitter Madison Bumgarner.

The three new DBack cards are written in at the bottom of one of the sheets of extra filler cards to be ready for players without existing cards. I initially just write them in, but as you can see below in the second photo I do then type them into the pitchers card link so you will have a cleaner copy.

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