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Index of All Improved Statis-Pro Batter Cards (8 are Rays)

You can click here for a list of all MLB batters and pitchers this year with stats. If they are GREEN you adjust in their favor (in Statis-Pro adjust PB down one for improved batter, and up one for improved pitcher). If they are RED on that sheet then they have not played as well as projected (in Statis-Pro do the reverse, lower PB by 1 for pitchers and for a struggling batter increase the PB against him).

The following is a list of all Statis-Pro Batters who have improved dramatically above their projected cards, or drop significantly below. A batter who has improve 80 points or more on the projected OPS on his card is included, but also added are players who did not have a card but projected to have a Home Run range of at least 27-31 after ball park adjustment. 

A small + sign indicates the player is upgraded and you can lower the opposing pitcher's PB by 1 any time he comes to bat. A small - by the name means he is not hitting as well as project, and you should increase the opposing pitcher's PB by 1 when he comes to bat.

Not surprisingly, if you look at the table beneath all the adjusted players, the Tampa Bay Rays are by far the most improved with eight improved players and noone playing worse than their card. The next three are pretty close, with Pittsburgh a +5 (7 improved, 2 dropped off), Texas a +5 (only improved players) and Atlanta a +4 (5 improved, 1 dropped off). We list what their OPS should be based on their card and what their actual OPS is this season. All batters and pitchers to have played this year with notes by which ones were adjusted are listed by team in this google sheet.

Batters improved or dropped Tm+ or -   Change Opp Pitcher      OPS now   Card OPS   Pos
Corbin Carroll (Bat: L)ARI++++Subtract 1 from PB0.880.77LF
Dominic Fletcher (Bat: L)ARI++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8240.678CF
Lourdes Gurriel Jr.ARI++++Subtract 1 from PB0.930.775LF
Kyle LewisARI----Add 1 to PB0.5560.727LF
Jake McCarthy (Bat: L)ARI----Add 1 to PB0.4640.723RF
Geraldo Perdomo (Bat: S)ARI++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9280.616SS
Emmanuel RiveraARI++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8170.6873B
Alek Thomas (Bat: L)ARI----Add 1 to PB0.5790.711CF
Ronald Acuna Jr.ATL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9720.875RF
Orlando ArciaATL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8850.69SS
Michael Harris II (Bat: L)ATL----Add 1 to PB0.5440.79CF
Sam Hilliard (Bat: L)ATL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7560.664CF
Sean MurphyATL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9350.796Ca
Marcell OzunaATL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.850.763LF
Austin HaysBAL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8430.74LF
James McCannBAL----Add 1 to PB0.5090.678Ca
Ryan McKennaBAL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7350.642RF
Cedric Mullins (Bat: L)BAL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8470.743CF
Bobby DalbecBOS----Add 1 to PB0.490.7221B
Jarren Duran (Bat: L)BOS++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8370.714CF
Tucker Barnhart (Bat: L)CHC----Add 1 to PB0.4840.615Ca
Cody Bellinger (Bat: L)CHC++++Subtract 1 from PB0.830.714CF
Yan GomesCHC++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7880.681Ca
Eric Hosmer (Bat: L)CHC----Add 1 to PB0.610.7391B
Matt Mervis (Bat: L)CHC----Add 1 to PB0.5890.761B
Christopher MorelCHC++++Subtract 1 from PB1.1980.712CF
Edwin Rios (Bat: L)CHC----Add 1 to PB0.5110.7183B
Tim AndersonCHW----Add 1 to PB0.6040.755SS
Jake BurgerCHW++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9160.6763B
Oscar Colás (Bat: L)CHW----Add 1 to PB0.5410.691RF
Lenyn SosaCHW----Add 1 to PB0.3660.6642B
Seby ZavalaCHW----Add 1 to PB0.4310.628Ca
Curt CasaliCIN----Add 1 to PB0.4080.719Ca
TJ Friedl (Bat: L)CIN++++27-33 HR, B0.859 CF
Wil MyersCIN----Add 1 to PB0.5410.794RF
Will Brennan (Bat: L)CLE----Add 1 to PB0.5580.688RF
Oscar GonzalezCLE----Add 1 to PB0.5010.731RF
Kris BryantCOL----Add 1 to PB0.730.872RF
Elias DíazCOL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9030.722Ca
Brenton DoyleCOL++++27-31 HR, AAA0.754 CF
Randal GrichukCOL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8570.761CF
Nolan Jones (Bat: L)COL----Add 1 to PB0.250.7571B
Miguel CabreraDET----Add 1 to PB0.460.656 
Kerry Carpenter (Bat: L)DET++++27-31 HR, E0.744 RF
Andy IbáñezDET----Add 1 to PB0.4790.7133B
Zach McKinstry (Bat: L)DET++++27-33 HR, B0.801 2B
Austin Meadows (Bat: L)DET----Add 1 to PB0.5240.818LF
José AbreuHOU----Add 1 to PB0.5280.8021B
Alex BregmanHOU----Add 1 to PB0.690.8593B
David HensleyHOU----Add 1 to PB0.4030.6922B
Jackie Bradley Jr. (Bat: L)KCR----Add 1 to PB0.4370.58CF
Hunter DozierKCR----Add 1 to PB0.5580.7223B
Matt DuffyKCR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7680.6723B
MJ Melendez (Bat: L)KCR----Add 1 to PB0.6410.779RF
Luis Rengifo (Bat: S)LAA----Add 1 to PB0.5810.7072B
Matt Thaiss (Bat: L)LAA++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7820.689Ca
Jared Walsh (Bat: L)LAA----Add 1 to PB0.4110.7591B
Taylor WardLAA----Add 1 to PB0.6160.799LF
Austin BarnesLAD----Add 1 to PB0.2970.699Ca
Michael Busch (Bat: L)LAD----Add 1 to PB0.5580.7313B
Jason Heyward (Bat: L)LAD++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8070.682RF
J.D. MartinezLAD++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8880.777 
James Outman (Bat: L)LAD++++Subtract 1 from PB0.820.726CF
Miguel RojasLAD----Add 1 to PB0.5050.676SS
Will SmithLAD++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9780.836Ca
Trayce ThompsonLAD----Add 1 to PB0.5660.741CF
Luis Arraez (Bat: L)MIA++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8930.7832B
Nick FortesMIA----Add 1 to PB0.5480.684Ca
Jesús Sánchez (Bat: L)MIA++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9140.74RF
Jean SeguraMIA----Add 1 to PB0.4920.7163B
Jorge SolerMIA++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8990.771RF
Jacob StallingsMIA----Add 1 to PB0.4260.651Ca
Joey Wendle (Bat: L)MIA----Add 1 to PB0.5260.716SS
Owen MillerMIL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8640.6412B
Tyrone TaylorMIL----Add 1 to PB0.5060.746RF
Luis UríasMIL----Add 1 to PB00.7553B
Luke VoitMIL----Add 1 to PB0.5480.7311B
Jesse Winker (Bat: L)MIL----Add 1 to PB0.5660.78RF
Joey Gallo (Bat: L)MIN++++Subtract 1 from PB0.90.7561B
Nick Gordon (Bat: L)MIN----Add 1 to PB0.5030.718CF
Ryan JeffersMIN++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8090.707Ca
Alex Kirilloff (Bat: L)MIN++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8660.7121B
Jose MirandaMIN----Add 1 to PB0.5930.7883B
Francisco AlvarezNYM++++27-34 HR, E0.832 Ca
Brett Baty (Bat: L)NYM++++27-32 HR, E0.72 3B
Starling MarteNYM----Add 1 to PB0.5940.742RF
Oswaldo Cabrera (Bat: S)NYY----Add 1 to PB0.5530.678LF
Josh DonaldsonNYY----Add 1 to PB0.4890.7273B
Aaron Hicks (Bat: S)NYY----Add 1 to PB0.5240.665LF
Anthony Rizzo (Bat: L)NYY++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8910.7811B
Aledmys DíazOAK----Add 1 to PB0.4920.6743B
Tony Kemp (Bat: L)OAK----Add 1 to PB0.4660.6922B
Ryan Noda (Bat: L)OAK++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8130.6691B
Carlos PérezOAK++++27-33 HR, E0.766 Ca
Brent RookerOAK++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8930.701LF
Kody Clemens (Bat: L)PHI++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7840.621B
Darick Hall (Bat: L)PHI----Add 1 to PB0.5410.7331B
Josh HarrisonPHI----Add 1 to PB0.4640.6753B
Brandon Marsh (Bat: L)PHI++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8420.645CF
Kyle Schwarber (Bat: L)PHI----Add 1 to PB0.7170.847LF
Trea TurnerPHI----Add 1 to PB0.6760.846SS
Ji Hwan Bae (Bat: L)PIT++++27-27 HR, AAA0.683 CF
Rodolfo Castro (Bat: S)PIT++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8040.678SS
Ji Man Choi (Bat: L)PIT----Add 1 to PB0.4690.7521B
Jason DelayPIT++++Subtract 1 from PB0.840.552Ca
Austin HedgesPIT----Add 1 to PB0.4330.56Ca
Connor JoePIT++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8320.741RF
Tucupita Marcano (Bat: L)PIT++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8090.635SS
Andrew McCutchenPIT++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8260.738RF
Jack Suwinski (Bat: L)PIT++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8390.747CF
Nelson CruzSDP++++27-31 HR, D0.676 1B
Manny MachadoSDP----Add 1 to PB0.6540.8063B
Austin NolaSDP----Add 1 to PB0.4460.711Ca
Fernando Tatis Jr.SDP----Add 1 to PB0.7740.916RF
Jose CaballeroSEA++++27-34 HR, AA0.829 2B
Jarred Kelenic (Bat: L)SEA++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8540.709LF
Kolten Wong (Bat: L)SEA----Add 1 to PB0.4550.7172B
Brandon Crawford (Bat: L)SFG----Add 1 to PB0.5750.722SS
Mitch HanigerSFG----Add 1 to PB0.60.769LF
Blake Sabol (Bat: L)SFG++++27-32 HR, C0.758 Ca
Casey SchmittSFG++++27-34 HR, B0.851 SS
David VillarSFG----Add 1 to PB0.5580.7442B
LaMonte Wade Jr. (Bat: L)SFG++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8650.7431B
Paul DeJongSTL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9220.686SS
Tommy Edman (Bat: S)STL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8070.715SS
Nolan Gorman (Bat: L)STL++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9810.7542B
Tyler O'NeillSTL----Add 1 to PB0.620.779LF
Randy ArozarenaTBR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9470.784LF
Christian BethancourtTBR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8130.678Ca
Yandy DíazTBR++++Subtract 1 from PB1.070.7821B
Josh Lowe (Bat: L)TBR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9710.682RF
Luke Raley (Bat: L)TBR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.890.6981B
Harold RamírezTBR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8360.699LF
Jose SiriTBR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.9050.661CF
Taylor Walls (Bat: S)TBR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8390.6423B
Ezequiel DuranTEX++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8550.699SS
Travis Jankowski (Bat: L)TEX++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7930.597LF
Corey Seager (Bat: L)TEX++++Subtract 1 from PB1.0310.817SS
Josh H. Smith (Bat: L)TEX++++27-32 HR, D0.752 SS
Leody Taveras (Bat: S)TEX++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8090.67CF
Bo BichetteTOR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8820.797SS
Cavan Biggio (Bat: L)TOR----Add 1 to PB0.5210.7082B
Santiago EspinalTOR----Add 1 to PB0.540.7012B
Kevin Kiermaier (Bat: L)TOR++++Subtract 1 from PB0.8770.66CF
Jordan LuplowTOR----Add 1 to PB0.1430.758RF
Daulton Varsho (Bat: L)TOR----Add 1 to PB0.640.821LF
Jake Alu (Bat: L)WSN----Add 1 to PB0.5160.733LF
Victor RoblesWSN++++Subtract 1 from PB0.7480.644CF
Here is the team summary.

Team          Improve   Disappointment   Improve?

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