Monday, May 8, 2023

Puerto Rico Clinches Statis-Pro North Division as Canada and New York Split

The split of two games between New York and Canada clinched the northern division for Puerto Rico. BJ Surhoff singled in two runs in the 6th inning of the first game to give New York a 2-1 win. James Paxton then struck out 10 in six innings and Canada won the night cap 3-0.
Stand     North                 W  L   RS   RA
1Puerto Rico**401810
4New York13612

Even if Pennsylvania wins both games against New York and Puerto Rico loses their final two games against Canada, Puerto Rico would win the division and skip the first playoff round to be one of the four teams in the final playoff pool.  This is because Puerto Rico swept Pennsylvania and the head-to-head is the tie-breaker.

Puerto Rico finishes 1st no matter how any of the rest of the games go, so the battle is for the second place playoff spot.

Because we viewed the north as the weakest of the three World Baseball Classic divisions, only the top two teams advance. 

If Pennsylvania wins both games against New York in the final series, then they advance to the playoffs opening round and Canada and New York are eliminated.

If Pennsylvania splits with New York they also advance. At 3-3 they would finish ahead of New York, and even if Canada swept Puerto Rico to match them at 3-3, Pennsylvania would take the 2nd place spot based on having swept Canada.

If New York sweeps Pennsylvania, then Pennsylvania is eliminated and New York is likely in the playoff, unless ... Canada sweeps Puerto Rico and wins the tie-breaker against New York. The head-to-head is even, so the first tie-breaker would be runs allowed. Right now both teams have allowed 12 runs, so whoever allowed fewer runs if they both swept would advance. If that were tied, then it goes to runs scored, and right now Canada has a 5-run head start (11 runs scored to 6) so New York would need a lot of runs scored. The next tie-breaker is which team batted fewer innings, and if still tied they go to a head-to-head game.

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