Sunday, May 14, 2023

Pirates and Phillies Battle for Pennsylvania and Last Statis-Pro Playoff Spot

As shown on the table below, if the MLB Playoffs and Statis-Pro Playoffs started today, they would have the same No. 1 seed - the Los Angeles Dodgers. They would also have the same 2nd through 4th place teams, though in different order. 

The difference is that right now the Mets and Padres are one game ahead of the Phillies and Pirates for the 5th and 6th place last playoff spots in the Statis-Pro standings. However, in the actual MLB the Pirates and Phillies have the last two playoff spots while within three wins of the other two. 

Our next series will be the battle of Pennsylvania, with the winner likely to catch at least the Mets for the last playoff spot. Both rosters checked out well against the Statis-Pro cards we have been using, except for three key players lost now that we are sidelining anyone on 60-day DL.

That takes out Rhys Hoskins from the Phillies line-up, and both Ji-Man Choi and Oneil Cruz from the Pirates line-up. We will see if one of the two can win the series 4-2 to catch the Mets for the last playoff spot in Statis-Pro.

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