Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Statis-Pro 5th starter Miley Beats DBacks

 Wade Miley would be the 5th best starter for Milwaukee if we played a 5-man rotation, but we play 4 to have at least one more starter when needed to eat up innings. We give them half their SR if they come in for long relief, and he threw 3.1 scoreless innings for the win as the Brewers pulled away for a 13-4 sweep to complete a 5 games to 1 series win.

In the first game the Brewers hit three 9th inning doubles to rally for a 6-5 win and nudge ahead of the Dodgers for 1st place in our Statis-Pro season.

Pictured is the game being played with the 1978 game board and fast action cards. The Diamondbacks started the season hit.

Seven of our teams are playing close to how they performed last year, but the Brewers and Cubs are playing well above the 2022.record, and the Padres and Reds are playing well below their 2022 record.

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