Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Reds and Phillies Improved Players for Series

 If you choose to use the in season adjustments on this chart to the current Statis-Pro cards, we have them penciled in on these cards for our Reds-Phillies series. 

Game 1 - Reds 10, Phillies 6 (sweep) - the until now hapless Reds improved to 10-23 with the most improbable "sweep." The Phillies led 4-0 with Nola throwing a 1 hitter through 4. In the 5th the terrible fielding left side of the Phillies infield (Trea Turner and Bohm) yielded an error that along with poor center field Brandon Marsh (cd2) misplaying a fly ball into a hitz led to a 10-run inning and the eventual sweep and win for Hunter. Photo of scoresheet below picture of Statis-Pro board.

Game 2 - Reds 13, Phillies 2 (sweep) - in a Statis-Pro season in which teams were averaging 3.1 runs scored per game and the Reds were by far the worst at 7-23 ... The Reds exploded in their hitters friendly park for a 13-2 win. Their record is now 13-23 in our league, virtually the same winning season. Their scoresheet and the new standings, with the Phillies knocked out of the playoffs if they were today, are at the bottom of the blog.

The Reds do get an improved PB 2-7 Hunter Greene (color green on the link above) and in the second game get to face a PB 2-6 Ranger Suarez (color red on the chart). Two Reds relievers in the upper left also have a plus to improve one PB.

Through the first five series for all teams the average runs scored per game were 3.1. in the first 8 games of the 6th series is 6.6. Mets beat cards 15-2, the cards win the rematch 11-6. Pitt heat ATL 4-1, then ATL win 6-2. Milwaukee beat Arizona 13-4 and 6-5 before the Cincy wins over Philly 10-6 and 13-2 for the 6.6 average. These four series increased our average league game was increased from 3.1 to 3.6 in these 4 series.

Note that Joey Votto's card cannot be used because he is on 60 day DL.

The Phillies on the bottom right do have two stars (Trea Turner and Kyle Schwarber) with a minus for being red on the sheet, meaning Greene will actually get to be a PB 2-8 against them. Two players at the bottom of the order are improved so get to reduce Hunter back to a PB 4-7 against them. Jose Alvarado is green bay cannot go higher then the best rating of pb 2-9, even though his 0.63 ERA made him green.

Here is the setup - results will be added.

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