Sunday, May 14, 2023

Crazy Rainout Rally, Slugfest Plunge Disappointing Mets to 15-15

Key on this update is I'm finding finally just going to an actual scorebook has made all the difference in playing out Statis-Pro games (see top photo). After 40 years of playing Statis-Pro, realizing keeping all my scoresheets in one bound book rather than in a ratty stack in a file photo should have been easier to figure out. Also, as you can see tucking the out and clutch defense charts in the back of the scorebook makes the setup easier.

Back to the latest games ...

The first game (bottom photo) was a surprise as aces Max Scherzer and Zac Gallen only lasted five innings and left with Scherzer's Mets leading 5-4. However, the Statis-Pro Mets lost both of their PB 2-9 relievers for the season with Edwin Diaz injured for the season and David Peterson getting shallacked for an ERA of above 7 to not be on the MLB roster now. A combination of the lack of closers and terrible fielding let the Diamondbacks pull away 9-6.

In the 7th Brooks Raley became the losing after muffing a come backer for an error that led to two unearned runs to give the Diamondbacks a 7-6 lead.

In the 9th Corbin Carroll led off with a double against the now PB 2-8 ace Tylor Megell. Realizing we had the all-time mis match on the bases on AAA base stealer Carroll and TC (throwing arm C) catcher Francisco Alvarez we went ahead and sent Carroll and he stole third base.

Alvarez CD-1 (worst Clutch Defensive rating of 5) then led to a passed ball and Carroll scored to make it 8-6 DBacks. 

Ketel Marte then readed on a 2-base throwing error by Francisco Lindor and scored when Lourdes sent a Z-play fly ball to deep left that Mark Canha failed to catch - allowing it to his for a 2-run double.

The Diamondbacks have been the reverse - a nice surprise team in both MLB and our Statis-Pro season, where they are now 16-14 and three games behind the 19-11 Statis-Pro Dodgers. In the actual NL West, the Dodgers also edge them by three games as well - 25-15 to 22-18.

K. Marte Homers before Rain Storm for 2-0 DBacks Win

The second game of our Mets-Dbacks series was surprisingly 0-0 after five innings of the No. 4 starters. The sixth inning was then wild, with noone knowing it would decide the game when rainstorms opened in the 7th inning on a Z-play. K. Marte hit a 2-run homer in the top of the 6th for the win.

The Mets Starling Marte doubled in the bottom of the 6th but it was not enough, and when the skies opened in the top of the 7th to end the game, it was a valid win only because the Mets had finished batting in the 6th so the 2-0 score was a valid final. 

However, I had a bit of panic because if you look closely at the scorebook in the top photo, I accidentally recorded the last few batters from the top of the 6th in the column for the top of the 7th. This threw me into a panic on the thought that I might have possibly let the Diamondbacks hit two innings in a row, which would mean the Mets would have had to hit an extra inning to see if the win was valid and - oh my. quite a relief to realize it was just an alignment. 

The rain truly saved the DBacks because due to a weak bullpen and using their decent relievers to pitch the first game, they would have had to throw PB 2-5 pitchers out their for two innings to hold onto the lead.

The DBacks are now 18-12, one game behind the league leading 19-11 Dodgers in Statis-Pro. In real baseball they have also been a surprise with a 22-18 mark, three games behind the Dodgers.

The Mets are a disappointing 15-15 in Statis-Pro, and even worse one game below .500 in real baseball.

That being said, if our Statis-Pro season ended today, the Mets would be the last team in to the playoffs as the 6-seed, and play the 3-seed Arizona and then the 2-seed Milwaukee. San Diego won the head to head with the Mets, so as the other .500 team the would be the 5-seed and play the 4-seed Braves, with the winner getting the 1-seed Dodgers.

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