Sunday, May 14, 2023

Brewers Crush Reds After Statis-Pro Roster Update

The Brewers crushed the hapless Statis-Pro Reds 5-0 and 8-3, though the first game did not count as a sweep since it was just 4-0 after eight innings. Using the previous blogs rosters, we will run through how we updated rosters before this series. 

This is a main reason we play current seasons - we become familiar with where players end up by playing games and checking the rosters like this.

First, we put an X on any card that is not showing up on a roster now, and will start to do that if the roster has a "60" by them to mean 60-day DL.

We still left the cards with the team, but in three cases a Reds starter was not on the roster so we made these replacements in the line-up.

At 2b - Jonathan India became the starter with Nick Solak not on the roster blog

At SS - Kevin Newman became the starter with Noelvi Marti not on the roster blog

At DH - We created a temporary card for Henry Ramos, for whom we did not have a card, to start with Christian Encarnacion-Strand not in the roster. When that happens go to the last of the 106 pages of batter cards and pick the closest projected OPS, and his his case he fell in the OPS .700 to .750 card as you can see from the photo we wrote in.

The only new Brewers batter we needed was Luke Voit, who as you can see was on page 104 of the batters as a free agent - so he did not start but a nice additional card for them team.

Both teams had one pitcher on the roster whose card we did not have in the teams stack, but both were listed as a "5" on that roster blog meaning a lower priority and not used often so we did not pull either for this game. However, the pitcher's were the Brewers Colin Rea and the Reds Derek Law. We went to the pitchers cards and saw they did not have a card, so if needed we could have gone to the end of that sheet and found a projected ERA to give them a temporary card.

With the loss, the Reds have fallen to a 7-23 record in our league, even worse than last year's 100-loss season and made tougher since the other five worse teams in the MLB NL are not in our Statis-Pro game, so no easy wins. Here are the updated standings followed by photos of the sheets.

Statis-Pro TeamsWinsLossesGBWin%Series 5
Los Angeles Dodgers      191100.633ATL Split 3-3
Milwaukee Brewers        1812-10.600Cin Beat 5-1
Arizona Diamondbacks 1311-30.542NYM
New York Mets 1311-30.542Ari
Atlanta Braves  1614-30.533LA Split 3-3
San Diego Padres             1212-40.500Chi
Philadelphia Phillies        1113-50.458Pitt
Pittsburgh Pirates1113-50.458Phi
Chicago Cubs1014-60.417SD
Cincinnati Reds723-120.233Mil Lost 1-5

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