Sunday, May 28, 2023

Braves beat Much Improved Pirates Cards

Acuna launched a 2-out, 2-run homer in the 8th to make it 6-1 Braves and give the credit for a 3-game sweep even though the much improved Pirates scored in the 9th to make it 6-2.

In the second game the Pirates scored three in the 9th off Braves closer Iglesias to win 4-1.

That still left the Braves with a 4-2 series win and 20-16 overall record, while the Pirates dropped to 14-22. The scoresheet are at the bottom of the blog.

Players updates

First, the Pirates have a lot of players who have improved, and a few that have dropped off. The sert of players who have improved comes first with the projected OPS or ERA first, and then after the dash their actual figure now. In addition to 10 cards that have improved dramatically, they feature two new good cards. Jose Hernandez is a PB 2-7 pitcher, and because he had earned his 2.75 ERA in a pitchers park, he also converts the highest HR number for any Braves player in this series to a deep flyout.

Ji Hwan Bae's standard replacement batting card is not that good - just a 27 for a Home Run, but he brings the highest steal rating, a AAA to the line-up. Complete numbers on all these players can be found on this link.  Also click for the cards for all pitchers, as well as all hitters. For the new cards noted, look at the bottom of the team to pull up the standard replacement pitcher card and just use the PB noted below, then do the same for the standard replacement better card and just adjust the home run range to what is show below.

Pitt Improved vs. Atl               Pos     Change                                               Before/Now-OPS/ERA
David BednarPBetter3.54 / 1.50
Rodolfo Castro (Bat: S)SSBetter0.678 / 0.804
Jason DelayCaBetter0.552 / 0.840
Jose Hernandez (LHP)PBetter, 2-7 new^top HR>Out, 2IP    / 2.75
Colin HoldermanPBetter4.10 / 2.45
Ji Hwan Bae (Bat: L)CFBetter, 27-27 HR, AAA / 0.683
Connor JoeRFBetter0.741 / 0.832
Tucupita Marcano (Bat: L)SSBetter0.635 / 0.809
Andrew McCutchenRFBetter0.738 / 0.826
Dauri MoretaPBetter4.39 / 2.01
Jack Suwinski (Bat: L)CFBetter0.747 / 0.839
Vince VelasquezPBetter4.68 / 3.06
Pirates Down Graded CardsPosChangeBefore/Now
Ji Man Choi (Bat: L)1BWorst0.752 / 0.469
Chase De JongPWorst4.56 / 10.61
Austin HedgesCaWorst0.560 / 0.433
Tyler Heineman (Bat: S)CaWorst0.667 / 0.311
Chris OwingsSSWorst0.616 / 0.333

The Braves are excellent, but about what their cards projected with seven players upgraded, and seven not as good. The one new good card is for Jesse Chavez, who based on his 2.01 ERA so far had a temporary PB 2-7 card. 
Atl Improved vs. Pitt             Pos       Change                               Before/Now - ERA or OPS
Ronald Acuna Jr.RFBetter0.875 / 0.972
Orlando ArciaSSBetter0.690 / 0.885
Jesse ChavezPBetter, 2-7 new, 1 IP / 2.01
Bryce ElderPBetter4.22 / 2.01
Sam Hilliard (Bat: L)CFBetter0.664 / 0.756
Sean MurphyCaBetter0.796 / 0.935
Marcell OzunaLFBetter0.763 / 0.850
Braves downgraded cardsPosChangeBefore/Now
Ehire Adrianza (Bat: S)SSWorst0.655 / 0.091
Michael Harris II (Bat: L)CFWorst0.790 / 0.544
Lucas Luetge (LHP)PWorst4.07 / 7.71
A.J. Minter (LHP)PWorst3.25 / 7.43
Chadwick TrompCaWorst0.662 / 0.313
Eli WhiteCFWorst0.631 / 0.307
Kyle WrightPWorst3.94 / 5.79

All other cards are the same. Any player who has improved on this sheet gets to adjust the PB range by one in their favor, and any who has gotten worse has it adjusted one against them.

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