Friday, November 17, 2023

Larry Bird vs. Texas Team that Crushed Gonzaga and Texas

A great match to secure the last Sweet 16 spot in our 3rd tournament of all-time great teams. Obviously any time you put Larry Bird on the court it is a great game. His Indiana State 1979 team that was runner up to Michigan State and Magic Johnson. In our verification check Indiana State's dunk range did improve slightly to 51-59 which results in their cards calculating to about a 1.19 AdjO against other great teams and a 0.99 AdjD (119 points per 100 trips and 99 allowed). 

Texas often looked like the best team in the country last year, from the 93-74 destruction of Gonzaga in their first big game of the year, to equally impressive blowouts of Kansas to finish the regular season and take the Big 12 title (75-59 and 76-56).  

The tournament features new teams added – most of which were from the last three years as our first teams from those three seasons – four 2022 teams and three 2021 teams. The teams we’d added from earlier seasons to try to give a few more schools representation includes one team from before Bird’s year with the 1976 Rutgers Final Four team, the Stanford 2008, Duke 2015 and SMU 2017.

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