Saturday, November 11, 2023

Lopez Twin Towers Lead Stanford 2008 vs. St. Mary's 2023 for Sweet 16 Bid

Tonight's tournament game of newly added teams features Robin and Brook Lopez, the trie twin towers leading Stanford 2008 vs. St. Mary's 2023 for Sweet 16 Bid. The winner will get the Rutgers Final Four team from 1976.

Keep in mind this tournament is for the more recently added teams to the game. Of all the teams in our game the UConn 2023 team is the highest ranked team in the game at 36th, and Rutgers is just behind them. The top 5 teams of all-time in our game are the following, with their current rank after playing a few games and then where we started them in the rankings just based on their cards.

The top five teams feature player cards of Bill Walton, Paul Pierce, Shane Battier, Jerry Lucas and Scott May.

RnkCardall-time great teams in vabg games
11UCLA - 1972 - Bill Walton
215Kansas - 1997 - Paul Pierce
33Duke - 2001 - Shane Battier
46Ohio St. - 1960 - Jerry Lucas
57Indiana - 1976 - Scott May

Here are the lineups with dimes for the players starting in the game and getting g the ball on more than one number and pennies on the other starters who only gets the ball on their position number roll of 1-5 on the 8-sided die or card.

After rolling the 8-sided die if it is 1-5 you read from.left to right going with the top card before the card below it to get the player with the ball. If a 6-8 comes up read the same way but the 6 is the furthest dime left, the 7 is the middle dime and the 8 is the furthest right dime.

Results to follow:

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