Saturday, November 11, 2023

Lopez Twins Score 39 to Power Stanford Past St. Mary's, Into Sweet 16

 The Lopez Twins broke my heart on my birthday in California with a last second score to win a thrilling over time and advance to the 2008 Sweet 16 by an 82-81 margin against Marquette.

In our tournament of new teams in the Value Add Basketball Game they also made the Sweet 16 behind 39 points by Brook Lopez (21 points, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks) and Robin Lopez (18, 11 and 3). The third member of the front line Lawrence Hill also had a double double (11,10) for 86-76.

The big surprise was that this game was not a defensive struggle, since both Stanford and the 2023 St. Mary's had top 10 defenses and in the game. St. Mary's held Stanford to a dunk range of 51, and Stanford kept St. Mary's from even having a dunk range meaning any roll from 51-66 is no result so you always go to the 20-sided die result.

Guard Aiden Mahaney kept it close with 21 points for St. Mary's.

We only have four more games to be played to have our Sweet 16 set. Here is the Sweet 16 with seeds:

1-UConn 2023 vs. 17-Duke 2022

8-Gonzaga 2023 vs 9-Kansas 2022

20-Indiana State 1979-13-Texas 2023 winner vs. 4-Tennessee 2023

12-K-State 2023-21-Miami 2023 winner vs. 5-Colorado 2021.

18-Stanford 2008 vs. 2-Rutgers 1976

7-SMU 2017 vs. 10-Xavier 2023

14-Marquette 1994-19-UNC 2022 winner vs. 3-Houston 2021

11-Marquette 2023-23-Creighton 2023 winner vs. 6-Duke 2015

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