Friday, November 10, 2023

All-time Stunner in WS Game 5 - Pressly Blows Another Save to Send Series Back to Houston

In the world of Statis-Pro baseball for all of time the nearest unique aspect is the covered PB 2-9 pitcher, who keeps the action on his card 83% of the time (think of dice rolls from 2-12 and the 30 of 36 combos between 2 and 9).

This is what makes this series so unbelievable. One of those rare PB 2-9 (only the top 5% of pitchers get it) is the Astros closer Ryan Pressly.

And yet he has been rocked in all three World Series appearances. In Game 5 with the Astros leading 2-0 and 4 outs away from our Statis-Pro World Series, Pressly drew a "10" for outside his 2-9 range, and the subsequent random number of 32 was a game-winning 3-run homer for Seiya Suzuki.

The Astros still lead the series 3 games to 2, but the Cubs won the game 3-2 and can be our most surprising Statis-Pro World Series champion ever if they win both games in Houston after only a 0.515 winning percentage.

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