Sunday, November 12, 2023

Kam Jones' Buzzer 3 Caps Shocking Comeback, 94-93 vs. Creighton


We left the last roll of the game on the scoresheet of the photo. Marquette had one last trip having used a late 11-0 rally to catch Creighton, but still trailing 93-91.

The "7" in brown goes to the second dime from left to right, Kam Jones.

The "43" on the red and grey is a turnover for most players, however Jones is one of the rare players with no turnovers in the 41-46 turnover range. All players can still turn it over if their opponent draws a steal while they have it.

Finally the "2" on the green die falls into Jones 1-4 range for "3-point made" to end the game 94-93.

These were the 2023 teams for both schools. Marquette win both games and the Big East season and tournament title but Creighton made the deep tournament run.

This Marquette team will now play Duke 2015 in our Sweet 16.

Creighton led 83-72 with 4:35 (8 possessions to play), but Marquette went on an 11-0 run to tie it 83-83 with 2:07 to play with a key being a Stevie Mitchell steal and score. Any of the last 9 "possessions" can turn into and extra possession if a team steals and chooses to fast break in a case like this - or either team is fouled.

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