Saturday, November 4, 2023

Cubs at Braves Developing Playoff Results

 We will add game results as we play this series. Rosters and preview are on the previous blog.

Game 1 at Atlanta

Spencer Strider entered the game with a 1.96 era in five starts but the Cubs tagged him for 6 runs in 3.2 innings to fall behind 6-3. The disaster wasn't all his fault, as during the first inning shortstop Orlando Arcia and left fielder Eddie Rosario collided in the first inning and we're lost for the rest of the game as the Cubs scored two runs in the play.

With everything going wrong for the Braves, they still almost rallied - finally falling short 8-7. Cubs lead 1 game to 0. Here are the scoresheets.

The Cubs may follow the DBacks stunning run with a 4-1 win to leave Atlanta up 2 games to 0.


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