Friday, November 10, 2023

All-time Hoops Returns: Duke (2022) 79, Iowa State (2014) 70

 While our Montana Commissioner will still be finishing the Statis-pro World Series with games 6 and if necessary 7, we are done here in Wisconsin with Statis-Pro baseball for the season.

Duke 2022, Coach Ks last team, jumped all over Iowa State (2014) early behind Wendell Moore (21 points). He had a 4-point play early to help them jump to a 36-22 lead. Iowa State made some runs later, even cutting it to 41-39 on a 3-pointer by Georges Niang's 3-pointer.

The 79-70 Duke win sends them to play this tournaments top seed, the defending 2023 UConn team. The preview is below this photo.

Our next all-time tournament is the most evenly matched with the 16- and 17-seeds playing to see who gets our 1-seed UConn 2022. This game is Duke 2022 against Iowa State 2014. Here are the player cards with the lineup that starts out before yielding to the entire top line playing together for at least the final 25 possessions of the game.

Note the dimes get the ball on two rolls and the pennies on only one, left to right. At the start of the game,  Wendell Moore gets the ball on 1 and 6, Trevor Keels 2 and 7, Joey Baker 3 and 8, AJ Griffin 4, Theo John 5 for Duke.

For Iowa State it starts George's Niang 1 and 6, Naz Long on 2, DeAndre Kane 3 and 7, Matt Thomas 4 and Dustin Houge 5. Since there are only 2 dimes for Iowa State at the outset, and 8 does not give anyone a shot. If that happens the team rolls again but on the second roll a 6,.7 or 8 is always a turnover on a shot clock violation.

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