Thursday, June 1, 2023

Improved Cubs Bellinger and Gomes vs. Matz Lowered to PB 4-7

The optional sheet adjusting players who have dramatically improved (green) or dropped off (red) gives a big edge to the Dodgers in the final 6th Series of our Statis-Pro season against the Padres. 

As "red" players on the rosters, both Padres starting pitchers for the series (Blake Snell and Joe Musgrove) drop from their projected PB 2-8 cards to PB 2-7s. Meanwhile the Dodgers Julio Urias and Tony Gonsolon will be 2-8s. 

Two of the first three Padres batters, Fernando Tatis and Manny Machado, are also in red meaning they increase the opposing pitcher's PB by 1. Therefore Urias and Gonsolon will be PB 2-9s against them.

The Dodgers just need to win the series 4 games to 2 to be in first place in our Statis-Pro NL season, while the Padres would not make our 6-game playoffs if our season ended today.

Meanwhile the set up below shows the Cubs and Cardinals players before the Cubs took the first game in a sweep 9-3, then led 6-1 in the second game only to have the Cardinals rally to win 8-6. Our log of all our league games is here.

 Note the + and - for players who have dramatically improved or dropped off from their projected Statis-Pro Cards. The Cubs and Cardinals are both playing better in Statis-Pro than in the real season, though the Cubs just won a series from the MLB best Rays. One nice upgrade + is Cody Beglinger, who hit cleanup in the series like he was doing a few years ago for the Dodgers before dropping down in the line-up with less productive seasons.

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