Saturday, April 8, 2023

Statis-Pro Baseball Batters Updated with Ranges for 2023 Projected Performances

 Click for the updated Statis-Pro Baseball Sheets. For those of you who come to these pages for Statis-Pro Baseball rather than Value Add Basketball, we are one step closer to the actual player cards.

That link is the same one we put up earlier with only the end of each range, so we have been through and put the entire range into the cells - still proofing for occasional mistakes. As an example, see the image below of the Tampa batters, since they are 7-0 this season in real baseball. 

We list players in a suggested line-up order first, then the rest are alphabetical. This sets up the data for when we merge these to actual cards. The pitchers' cards are still in the format only showing the end of each range, so still working on that.

Note we put our suggested line-up order and positions on each team, so we would have Randy Arozarena batting first and playing left field, but you are free to use any order and positions you want. The fielding figures for the game are to the far right of the sheet with CD (Clutch Defense) 5 always being a great fielder, and CD 1 the worst.

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