Sunday, April 9, 2023

Statis-Pro Baseball Refresher - How to Print and Play

 Since we are shifting from our six months of college basketball to our six months of Major League baseball, here is a quick refresher on playing that Statis-Pro Baseball Game.

First a picture of the first two teams we pulled for Mets vs. Reds opener. We usually get Kinkos to do a nice cut on card stock, but I start by just printing a couple of teams and doing a scissor cut. This photo shows the Reds and Mets staring lineup 1 to 9, and above them the starting pitchers and ace relievers.

Since we are shifting from our six months of college basketball to six months of Major League baseball, here is a refresher on playing the Statis-Pro baseball game. We have published players for past seasons as well as the all-time national teams (pitchers & batters) and 60 all-time great teams on sheets, but the following is for playing with current players using their projected 2023 player cards on current teams.


1. Click on the batters cards here, and scroll down to find the three pages with the players on the team you want. I am playing the Cincinnati Reds - and I see their players are on pages 19-21, against the New York Mets, and I see their batters are on pages 52-54. As you can see from the first screen shot below, the pages are numbered and when I go to print I can scroll the print preview to make sure I have the correct pages. As you see, when I scroll down to page 52 I see the Mets players starting there and I confirm I have the correct 6 pages before I hit print.

2. Next, click here for all pitchers' cards and do the same thing. As you can see from the second screen shot, the Reds' pitchers are on pages 13-14 and the Mets are on 35-36. Likewise I scroll in print preview, and now I have all the pitchers for my game.

3. If you already have a Statis-Pro game you just set your line-ups and start playing. Note we have suggestions on pitching rotations and line-ups on the cards, but you do not need to follow them. If you do not yet have a game then just click on the Statis-Pro rules which will have everything you need to play. You can choose to either gets some dice (a 20-sided, two 8-sided of different colors and two traditional 6-sided dice of different colors, or print out the link in the rules to the fast action cards). 

That's it, you are ready to play. 

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