Sunday, April 9, 2023

Statis-Pro Actual Pitcher Cards Complete (63 pages - Mets Scherzer-Verlander as Example)

Statis-Pro 2023 is ready to play - just click here for all pitchers' cards and print. As an example we print the complete set of the New York Mets below, complete with their 1-2 pitching punch of Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, and ace reliever Edwin Diaz, who has the top PB of 2-9, meaning only a 10-12 dice roll or Fast Action Card (1 in 6 times) leaves the action on the batter's card with a chance of extra base hits.

Both Scherzer and Verlander are the next best level (of 7) with a PB: 2-8, and it is very rare for a starting pitcher to have a PB: 2-9. If you do not see a pitcher on the team's two pages, you can search in the doc to see if they were a free agent or even on another team when we calculated (we list a half dozen such players below) and if you still do not see them then pull up their projected ERA or FIPs and we have a standard card at the bottom of this sheet and at the bottom of the cards for them.

Note the ballpark effect this year for pitchers is on the bottom of the card. If the action is on the batter's card when one of these pitchers is pitching and he is NOT pitching in the ballpark of the team listed on the card (e.g. one of these pitchers is any place excepts the Mets park), then the bottom "Out" number on the batter's card changes to a home run. This offsets the advantage the Mets batters get on their cards since playing in the Mets pitchers' park hurts batters' cards and helps pitchers' cards. The reverse is true for Colorado Rockies' pitchers, who actually turn the top two home run numbers on opposing batters' cards into outs to offset that in home games almost all of their DEEP drives allowed fly out of Coors Field for a homer.

To play your own Statis-Pro games you simply need to print the pitchers at the link above, the batters cards here, and then the Statis-Pro rules with everything else you need here.

We also have six pitchers that were picked up by teams for whom we did not have projected cards. The replacement pitcher cards are a much easier process - they all get the same card except for the crucial PB rating which is determined by either the projected ERA or FIPs. In this case five of the six pitchers are in the middle PB 4-7 range, while Chad Green projects better at the PB 2-7 range for the Blue Jays.

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