Thursday, April 27, 2023

32 New Statis-Pro Batter Cards for Players on MLB Active Rosters

We cross referenced the Statis-Pro projected batter cards with current active rosters, and found 32 MLB players without a Statis-Pro card. This includes Ji Hwan Bae andTim Locastro who we added yesterday when we found them as two of the new speedsters under the new surge in stolen bases.

We have calculated these 32 additional batters and added everything that will go on the card below, however we have not yet added this info to the doc above yet, so if playing one of the teams then you can use this info to write up a temporary card. We previously added all the extra pitchers to these Statis-Pro pitcher cards.

The following are the top 10 projected OPS among those 32 new card calculations listed below. However, it appears Brandon Dixon of the Padres because players in a pitchers' park like PETCO actually have 1 Home Run number added to their total because their projects are held down by playing half their games in a pitchers' park. Therefore instead of the HR 24-28 that would have been on his card if he played in a neutral park, his home run range is a very impressive 24-31 - 6 home run number not to mention any homers he gets off deep drives. He also can steal and run bases with a B/B On base running and steals. 

On the flip side, CJ Cron's projections benefit from playing in Colorado boosts his numbers. It so happens his card actually calculates to a 24-31 home run range - but players in a hitters park lose one home run number so he gets a 24-28 home run range. A coincidence, but Cron and Dixon's home run ranges are flipped based on the ballparks. The reverse of this home run adjustments for ballparks is calculated into the team's pitcher cards - so a Colorado pitcher gets to take one home run off each opposing batter's range, while a San Diego pitcher adds a home run to opposing batters card.

OPS      team     Player card           OBR/SP
0.785COLCJ CronD/E
0.729DETKerry CarpenterC/D
0.727BOSKiké HernándezD/D
0.727LAALogan O'HoppeC/D
0.725SDPBrandon DixonB/B
0.724CINTJ FriedlA/B
0.724SDPNelson CruzC/D
0.722HOUYainer DíazD/D
0.722NYMBrett BatyD/D
0.715PITJi Hwan BaeA/AAA

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