Monday, April 3, 2023

Women's Basketball Cards Almost Done as Men's Tipoff Looms

We already added the San Diego State and UConn 2023 Value Add Basketball Cards as we await the real tip for the title.

We have also almost finished the four women's teams we are adding this season - the first cards for each of the teams. The red are our starters, the black the subs.

Pretty interesting triangle of results this year from two of these teams and South Carolina (who was not added since we have their 2017 champs).

In the real season:

South Carolina 88, LSU 64

Iowa 77, South Carolina 73

LSU 102, Iowa 85

As you can see from the cards, LSU is dominant on the boards and blocking shots.

We still need to add the layup and defense ranges and then will produce these cadrs.

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