Monday, April 17, 2023

Dodgers Score 6 in 9th to Stop Brewers Sweep, Win 9-8

 Craziest Statis-Pro Baseball game yet. We play a fun rule in the game that a team that leads by at least 5 at the end of the 8th inning, without using their closer, and wins the game gets credit for a 3-0 sweep. Otherwise each game counts as a 2-1 series win.

Abraham Toro's 3-run homer in the bottom of the 8th gave the Brewers the 8-3 win and on the verge of the first sweep in our league this season. They even had the closer Devin Williams (pb 2-9) lined up to wrap it up. Closers can pitch the 9th to wrap up a sweep, and in the 9th they just need to hold the win, not the 5-run margin. 

Unbelievably, the Dodgers rallied for 6 runs in the 9th to claim the "series" 2-1 rather than losing it 0-3 in a 9-8 win and move into first place in our young season at 8-4. Here is the scoresheet. The Dodgers are in first place much like last season when the hero of this Statis-Pro game Gavin Lux was playing, verses this season when he is actually out injured but we are allowing all players to play in Statis-Pro as a "what if" season.

The Dodgers went 111-51 last season, boosting many projected cards in the game, but have started .500 in this real season. The Brewers are the opposite, having been just the 7th best team in the NL last year but moving up to 2nd this season in the real NL and dropping into a 4-way tie for 7th in the Statis-Pro season. If they had held the 5-run lead in this game, then both the Dodgers and Brewers would have been 6-6 due to it counting as  3-0 sweep for the Brewers rather than losing the series 2 games to 1.

NL Statis-Pro League with 2023 Projected Cards (we track all results in our league here)

NL Statis-Pro                       Wins      Losses     Win%
Los Angeles Dodgers      840.667
Atlanta Braves  750.583
New York Mets 750.583
St. Louis Cardinals750.583
Philadelphia Phillies        660.500
San Diego Padres             330.500
Arizona Diamondbacks 240.333
Chicago Cubs240.333
Cincinnati Reds240.333
Milwaukee Brewers        480.333

Cubs vs. Reds and Padres vs. DBacks are the two remaining home and home series in this second round, so each will have credit for 6 more games before the others play. 

16 actual games - all count as 3-game series and none have been SWEEPS so all counted as 2 games to 1 wins. Normally after 16 games four would be "sweeps" but the league does not use nearly as many of the weaker pitchers on each staff (only 4 starters and each reliever can pitch once every 2-game series) and the five worse teams in the league, who are more likely to be blown out, are not in our 10-team league.

Reminder Note: To play our own Statis-Pro Baseball games, click and print the batters cards here, then these pitchers' cards and finally the Statis-Pro rules which will have everything you need to play. Also note that we had one error in earlier notes - the adjustments listed at the bottom of some pitcher cards to the batters they face (changing a HR to Out or vice versa) must be used every time they pitch, not just in road games as previously listed. You may notice this season that our blogs are picked up by so when a player is mentioned you can link for their stats by clicking.

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