Friday, April 14, 2023

Trayce Thompson 420-foot walkoff after subbing for Injured Betts

Mookie Betts was injured crashing into the wall on a Z-play double in the 6th inning of a pitcher's duel between Clayton Kershaw and the DBacks ace Zac Gallen. That is the only reason Trayce Thompson, a power hitting right fielder and little brother of NBA great Klay Thompson, was in the game. He struck out in the 7th, but came up again in the 9th with the DBacks leading 2-1, two outs, and Dodgers pinch runner Steven Duggar having stolen second base with the tying run.

Thompson did not need the stolen base, delivering monster 420-foot home run blast. We estimate home run difference based on the following chart.  

Lowest HR Number or Out>HR          350 or less
2nd lowest360
3rd lowest380
4th lowest400
5th lowest420
6th lowest440
Higher460 or more

the stolen base, delivering monster 420-foot home run blast. We estimate home  Because Thompson has a strong five home run numbers of 21-25, and the home run was a 25, that is the longest he can hit one in the game. As you can see on the chart, that is his 5th home run number - more than the vast majority of players have, so good for 420 feet. Aaron Judge has Home Run range of 24-33, eight numbers, so a 32 or 33 for a home run are blasts of 460 feet or more. 

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