Tuesday, April 11, 2023

MLB Teams Most Hurt by Season Ending Injuries in Our Game

While we keep up with trades in the current season, the question is always whether or not we insist on a player actually being on the Major League Roster when we play a game (we dropped that a few years ago with all the moving up and down) and then if we keep players injured in real life out of games. 

In the past, we have kept players out if they are on 60-day DL or out for the season, however this season we are just going to put "out for season" under any players name so you know and have the option - but we plan to play this as a "what if" season and just let them play - at least until the World Series when the opposing commissioner may call us on our long-term rules.

Here are the teams hurt the most by season ending injuries, who could thus be better in our game then in real life since we are letting them play - but make your own decision.

1. Colorado is the most crushed, with LF Sean Bouchard (card below) and 2B Brendan Rodgers, who we hit 4th and 5th in the line-up, both out for the season.

2 (3-way tie). We'd put the Mets, Pirates and Nationals in a tie for 2nd most damaged. The latter two both lost their No. 2 starter in our game in the Pirates' JT Brubaker, and Nats Cade Cavalli - which in our game is tough since we do 4-men rotations so that is 25% of their games using their No. 5 starters vs No. 2. While starters are more important, the Mets lost both their closer Edwin Diaz and their 4th best reliever Bruce Montes de Oca - so the combination of losing them in key innings is tough.

5. Philadelphia loses their No. 5 hitter in Rhys Hoskins.

6. The Dodgers lose 2B Gavin Lux, who would hit 8th in our game.

7 (tie). The Braves lose Ian Anderson and the Rangers Jake Odorizzi, who would not start in our tight 4-man rotation but obviously have shown they can give innings.

Reminder Note: To play our own Statis-Pro Baseball games, click and print the batters cards here, then these pitchers' cards and finally the Statis-Pro rules which will have everything you need to play. Also note that we had one error in earlier notes - the adjustments listed at the bottom of some pitcher cards to the batters they face (changing a HR to Out or vice versa) must be used every time they pitch, not just in road games as previously listed.


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