Wednesday, April 19, 2023

4 MLB Pitcher Trades - New Pitcher All Added

 We have now created new Statis-Pro pitcher cards for anyone on the active roster who did not let have a card and added them to the end of these set of all pitcher cards.

For example, a nice addition for our home town Milwaukee Brewers, as Elvin Peguero was working on his second straight Triple A season with an ERA below 3.00 including at altitude in Salt Lake City last year, and arrives with a projected PB 2-7 card. You can tell the new players because we put them after the end of the alphabetical players - in the Brewers case Brandon Woodruff is last in alphabetical order so Peguero is next.

We also caught four players that needed to be moved from one team to another:

1. Richard Lovelady to Oakland from Kansas City. The end of the Oakland pitchers are below the Brewers pitchers. Note that Lovelady card was projected based on pitching in KC so he is really better than that, so he retains changing the top homer on opposing batters' cards to outs, while the other Oakland pitchers do the reverse with the bottom out changed to a homer because of the advantage of pitching in Oakland.

2. Jose Ruiz to Arizona from the White Sox.

3. Chasen Shreve to Detroit from the Free Agent players at the end.

4. Zack Thompson to St. Louis from Toronto. 

Here is the second sheet of the Brewers 17 pitcher cards in the game.

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