Sunday, April 30, 2023

DBacks and Pirates Split on Catcher Clutch Defense Play

 Endy Rodriguez scored from 3rd to give the Pirates a 3-2 win in 10 innings when the catcher could not field the ball on a clutch defense grounder. The CD-C line on the pitcher's cards was an invention we added several years ago in the former Passed Ball location on the card. The additional placed more emphasis on catcher's defense, and in this case a weaker CD-2 (CD-5 is gold glove level) meant the catcher could not get to a roller thank a good fielder would have gotten for the out.

Carlos Santana put the ball in play that could not be picked up.

Arizona won the nightcap 6-2 for a series split. Arizona is not 13-11 in the game, while Pittsburgh is 8-10.

Both teams had similar stars, as shown in the photo. 

The Pirates Ji Hwan Bae and DBacks Seth Beer both had four hits in the series including two extra base hits each. Bae also used one on only 5 AAA SP (steal) ratings to steal third base as part of the first double steal of our Statis-Pro season.

Meanwhile both home starting pitchers delivered in our home-and-home series. The Pirates Luis Ortiz went 5 one hit shut out innings though he wasn't around for the win. Then Merrill Kelly went 6 shutout 2-hit innings for the DBacks in the win.

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The reference to our league rule in which we count each game as a 3-game series, which is only a sweep if the winning team led by more than 5 runs after 8 innings, is not necessary to the game - just a fun rule that makes it more likely better teams will win as many games as they would if you could play more games because run differential predicts future results, and teams have a 14% chance of winning by 5 runs and a 14% chance of sweeping a 3-game series.

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