Sunday, April 9, 2023

Statis-Pro Actual Cards Complete (106 pages - Aaron Judge as example)

Happy Easter to all my fellow Christians and good cheer to the rest of you!

Click here for all 2023 Batters's cards. This is a google doc, and if you do not use google docs feel free to simply email me at and I will send the same file to you in word or PDF. It is 106 pages to print, with 9 players to a sheet.

There are three sheets of paper for each team, and if you do not see a player they may be at the bottom as "Free agents," like the teams in alphabetical order, but if you still do not see a card for a player then go to the last page and pick the card with the OPS closest to the missing player.

Here is one page of the Yankees as an example, with Aaron Judge and his 24-33 Home Run range (not to mention any he adds on Deep Drives) and 58-68 walk range.

Click here for the pitchers' cards, and for those of you new to Statis-Pro Baseball, here are directions and all you need to play Statis-Pro Baseball for free - all free though once you start playing you may find buying a Fast Action Card deck from someone on-line really makes the game flow even better.

Note on Free Agents and Replacement Cards (see below) -Most of the free agent pickups are already reflected in the cards, but a few exceptions: Frenchy Cordero is with Baltimore in the game but ended up with the Yankees, Four cards with the free agents  are now with teams - David Peralta (LAD), Donaovan Solano (MIN), Jurickson Profar (COL) and Robbie Grossman (TEX). Two players for which we did not project a card ended up with teams - AJ Pollock (SEA) and Nelson Cruz (SD). Since we do not have a card, we go to the last page and pick the range with the projected OPS (between .700 and .750 for both of them) and since they are both projected to have just a couple of steals they both get a OBR/SP of D/D. We have circled this.

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