Sunday, April 9, 2023

Statis-Pro Batters Set in Merge Order for 2023 (Astros as Example)

As we finalize the data for the 2023 Projected Statis-Pro cards, we decided to set them up to print in alphabetical order (vs. on the sheet right now when we put in the order of suggested line-up based on the cards). 

We added a column with our suggested line-ups - so based on the cards we suggest Jose Altuve bats 2nd and plays second base, whereas if you go down to Kyle Tucker we suggest he bats 1st and starts in right field. The Astros have hit Altuve 1st, and you can as well, but Tucker's A/A speed and wanting him to have as many at bats as possible nudge him to 1st in our line-up just based on the card.

If someone does not have a number 1 through 9 by them it means we are not recommending them for the starting line-up, thus "Res" for "Reserve."

The one other variable is Jake Meyers, "Bat: vLHP" meaning we do suggest starting him against left-handed pitchers. We don't overcomplicate by listing a left-handed order, but if you look up to Michael Brantley you see his 0.777 OPS is strong and actually very strong against right handed pitchers because his "13/87" means he turns all 87 or 88 numbers on either his card or the pitchers card into a single with runners all advancing two bases.

The flip side is that he is a much worse batter against left handed pitching, with the 13 to the left of the slash meaning he strikes out on an 11-13 on his card or the pitcher's card, thus we suggest Meyers replaces him in left field against left-handed pitching.

We also list extra cards to give you a quick card for any player that joins the team during the season for which we do not have a card created. Basically just use a new players OPS to pick the proper replacement card.

If you need a quick new card for a player not in our set, pick the closest OPS.

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