Thursday, April 27, 2023

Chart for Deep Drive by Ball Park in Statis-Pro (Home Run or Deep Fly Out)

The following are the DEEP ranges for each MLB ballpark for the 2023 season. The only number you need during the game is the "DEEP HR if" range. If a DEEP comes up on a Statis-Pro Batters' card then a new random number or dice roll of 11-88 is a home run if in the range, or a if outside the range it is a deep drive caught and any runners on base advance (a player can even go from 1st to second).

The third column simply lets you see how the cards are calculated to account for ballpark. In a pitchers' park the batter had one home run added to their cards in calculation for the homers they lost by hitting in a pitcher's park and this is offset by each pitcher who benefited from the same field also giving up an extra homer on opposing batters' cards.

Players who play half their games in a batters' park get the opposite adjustment.

If you ever just want to play a game in a neutral park, then 11-35 is a Home Run and 36-88 is a deep fly out, all runners advance.

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