Saturday, April 7, 2018

Option to Play Statis-Pro With Only This Chart, Dice and Playing Cards from eBay

I recently joined those around the country longing to go back to my old Statis-Pro baseball games. I was happy to find it was very easy to order player cards from many sources (I liked the onebig32Dave on eBay for only $10 for a pdf email to cut out yourself or a little more for really nice perforated cards).

What is a bit more expensive and harder to find is the game set up and the actual fast action cards used. To give you another option, you can play the game if you simply order the player cards from big32Dave or someone else, pull up these charts, and can pick up the following five dice from a hobby store or on-line; 1) two traonlinel 6-sided dice, a 20-sided dice, and two 8-sided dice of different colors.

The two traditional dice (blue in this photo) are rolled to give the PB rating on the pitcher's card (a 2-8 roll would be on the blue die in the photo would be on Dallas Keuchel's card if he were pitching, while 9 or higher would be on Ryan Zimmerman's card if he were batting.

The 8-side dice need to be different colors because one needs to be the "10s" digit and the other the "1s" digit. In the picture, the yellow is 10s and the white is 1s, so this roll is a 45 which would be a passed ball on Keuchel's card.

The 20-sided die (red in this case) often is not needed if there are already two outs OR the bases are empty. In those cases, only a roll of 19 or 20 requires a reference to the second set of numbers on these charts, but if there are men on base with less than two outs then the red die is used in Column A or B on the charts.

The game plays quickly using this dice alternative because you can roll all five dice at once following the charts. Call 404.606.3163 or email if you have any questions.

There are references to Z plays, and if you choose to use them, here is the chart. I only have player injuries last the rest of the game.

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