Saturday, December 25, 2021

Top 70 College Defenders Last Year

A total of 70 current D1 college basketball players were named to their Conference All-Defensive Team last year. This is a very good indicator of how good they are, because we have noted you can only account for 19% of overall defense based on blocked shots, steals and defensive rebounds.

We calculate the rest based on the very accurate team defensive AdjD after removing the team steals, blocked shots and defensive rebounds from it to get a good estimate - but on defense we always like to also measure what observers who watch players all year believe.

The measurement for how many points a player takes away from the opposing team with his defense is measured using the following factors:

1. Note that each player on the list was named to the All-Defensive team for their conference (All-D), however if they were also selected as the best defender of the year in the conference - you will see a DPOY next to their name (Defensive Player of the Year).

All Conferences are not equal at first. We list the conference and weight more heavily the six top conferences according to from last year, then the next five conferences (there is a big gap between each of these groups and the other conferences.

3. Finally, we factor the Team AdjD of the team on which the player played last year.

Calculating all three we estimate that Isaiah Whaley of UConn is the top defender in the country and takes about 4.6 points away from opposing teams. Here is the list of all 70.

RnkName2022 TeamAdjDAwardConf2021 TeamTeam AdjD
1Isaiah WhaleyConnecticut-4.6DPOYBEConnecticut92.5
2Darryl MorsellMarquette-4.5DPOYB10Maryland94.1
3Posh AlexanderSt. John's-4.2DPOYBESt. John's98.9
4Lucas WilliamsonLoyola Chicago-4DPOYMVCLoyola Chicago87
5Trent FrazierIllinois-3.9All-DB10Illinois88.9
6Myles JohnsonUCLA-3.8All-DB10Rutgers90.6
7Osun OsunniyiSt. Bonaventure-3.7DPOYA10St. Bonaventure91
8Jamari WheelerOhio St.-3.5All-DB10Penn St.95.2
9Jaime Jaquez Jr.UCLA-3.5All-DP12UCLA94.5
10Abdul AdoCincinnati-3.4All-DSECMississippi St.95.3
11Gabe OsabuohienWest Virginia-3.4All-DB12West Virginia96.3
12Jordan GoldwireOklahoma-3.3All-DACCDuke97
13Aher UguakLoyola Chicago-3All-DMVCLoyola Chicago87
14Marco AnthonyUtah-2.8All-DMWCUtah St.89.5
15Hason WardVCU-2.8All-DA10VCU90.2
16Nathan MensahSan Diego St.-2.7All-DMWCSan Diego St.91.1
17Josh MballaBuffalo-2.4DPOYMACBuffalo96.1
18KC NdefoSaint Peter's-2.4DPOYMAACSaint Peter's95.8
19ShanQuan HemphillDrake-2.3All-DMVCDrake98.2
20Tre WilliamsDuquesne-2.3All-DMVCIndiana St.97.3
21Jayveous McKinnisJackson St.-2.3DPOYSWACJackson St.97.7
22Jacob GilyardRichmond-2.3All-DA10Richmond98.1
23Tyson WalkerMichigan St.-2.2DPOYCAANortheastern98.6
24Gaige PrimMissouri St.-2.2All-DMVCMissouri St.98.5
25AJ WilsonSouth Carolina-2.2All-DA10George Mason98.4
26Tre GomillionCleveland St.-2.1DPOYHorzCleveland St.100.7
27Brandon McKissicFlorida-2.1DPOYSumUMKC100.2
28Nana OpokuMount St. Mary's-2.1DPOYNECMount St. Mary's101.1
29Kim Aiken Jr.Arizona-2DPOYBSkyEastern Washington101.3
30Josh CaldwellArmy-2DPOYPatArmy101.6
31Grayson MurphyBelmont-2DPOYOVCBelmont102
32Mouhamadou GueyePittsburgh-2DPOYAEStony Brook101.3
33Theo AkwubaLouisiana-1.9DPOYSBLouisiana104.2
34Cheikh Mbacke DiongUCF-1.8All-DMWCUNLV104.4
35Fardaws AimaqUtah Valley-1.8DPOYWACUtah Valley104.3
36Coryon MasonAbilene Christian-1.7All-DSlndAbilene Christian91.6
37Damien DanielsAbilene Christian-1.7All-DSlndAbilene Christian91.6
38Reggie MillerAbilene Christian-1.7All-DSlndAbilene Christian91.6
39David MuokaUNLV-1.7DPOYSlndLamar105.9
40Phlandrous Fleming Jr.Florida-1.6DPOYBSthCharleston Southern108.3
41Cobe WilliamsLouisiana Tech-1.6All-DCUSALouisiana Tech93.7
42Quan JacksonUAB-1.5All-DCUSAUAB95
43Trey JemisonUAB-1.5All-DCUSAUAB95
44Tim FinkeWright St.-1.4All-DHorzWright St.96.6
45Josh AndersonWestern Kentucky-1.3All-DCUSAWestern Kentucky98
46Malique JacobsKent St.-1.2All-DMACKent St.99.5
47Deante JohnsonCleveland St.-1.1All-DHorzCleveland St.100.7
48MJ RandolphFlorida A&M-1.1All-DMEACFlorida A&M100.9
49Traci CarterHartford-1.1All-DAEHartford100
50Jarrod WestLouisville-1.1All-DCUSAMarshall100.3
51Lunden McDayOhio-1.1All-DMACOhio100.9
52Darnell RogersUMBC-1.1All-DAEUMBC100.8
53Enrique FreemanAkron-1All-DMACAkron101.5
54Stacy Beckton Jr.American-1All-DPatAmerican106.2
55Zep JasperAuburn-1All-DCAACharleston108.6
56Jonas HarperBoston University-1All-DPatBoston University109.3
57Sukhmail MathonBoston University-1All-DPatBoston University109.3
58Dylan PainterDelaware-1All-DCAADelaware103.1
59Kevin JohnsonIllinois Chicago-1All-DSlndNicholls St.103.7
60Luke LoeweMinnesota-1All-DCAAWilliam & Mary107.3
61Malik MillerMorgan St.-1All-DMEACMorgan St.105.7
62Richard NjokuNavy-1All-DPatNavy103.7
63Clayton HenryNew Mexico St.-1All-DWACNew Mexico St.102.7
64Kameron LangleyNorth Carolina A&T-1All-DMEACNorth Carolina A&T106.7
65Antonio RizzutoTowson-1All-DAEAlbany104.2
66Charles ThompsonTowson-1All-DCAATowson111.4
67Javon LeviUT Arlington-1All-DWACUT Rio Grande Valley102.8
68Ben ShunguVermont-1All-DAEVermont102.2
69Mehkel HarveyWilliam & Mary-1All-DCAAWilliam & Mary107.3
70Garrett CovingtonYoungstown St.-1All-DHorzYoungstown St.109.5

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