Friday, December 24, 2021

Update on this blog and what is to come shortly

I hope you are getting a break as I am from a very hectic work year at, that entails a move from Auburn, Alabama to Milwaukee, WI, where at least I have chances of a white Christmas! We haven't posted as much the last couple of months, so thanks for those who stayed with us, and we hope to do a little catch-up durinb break.

Merry Christmas and an update on the three projects we cover on these blogs:

1. We did finish the World Series using the 2021 projected cards we posted with the rules on the Statis-Pro Baseball Game blog. The next project will be to produce 2022 projected cards. We will try to flag them by country as well as MLB team since that seemed to be popular.

2. We have still not posted rankings of college basketball players this season, but hope to during the break for the - and the database rating all the college basketball players of this century. It takes a long time to get all 4000 players entered into the system to run it the first time each season, so we are hoping to have all that done the next couple of days.

3.  We did create 30 new all-time great teams for the Value Add Basketball Game - and started a tournament of those teams we will resume at some point. Obviously the all-time tournaments are nice because we don't have a deadline for the completion.

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