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Southeastern Conference Top 15 Men’s Basketball Players To Date

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Southeastern Conference Top 15 Men’s Basketball Players To Date

“Value Add Basketball is happy to provide the early list of the conferences top 15 men’s  basketball players based on proven analytics used by NBA teams for draft prep,as well as writers at Sports Illustrated, ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports,” said John Pudner, the inventor of the system.”

“SEC basketball is even deeper than SEC football this year, and the conference will likely turnout the most NBA players of any conference current rosters. Ironically, things are a little backward for Kentucky this year who is led by the 3rd most valuable player in the country in junior Oscar Tshiebwe, who might or might not make the NBA, while it’s Auburn with the top NBA prospect in the whole country in freshman Jabari Smith who ranks 2nd in the SEC.”

“Normally it is Kentucky with the young one-and-ones, which they have in TyTy Washington, chasing other teams led by upperclassmen. Tshiebwe is the best rim protector in the SEC with an incredible -5.50 points erased from defenses, but the conference has five such defenders with at least a -3.00 and LSU and Tennessee have the top two defenses in the country. The SEC is brutal this year, and whatever couple of teams can emerge as the hottest teams at the end of the year could make runs.”

You can click on this google doc with information on all 4,000+ players prior to it being posted on You can also click here for the top 100 players in the country.

Information includes each player’s chance of making the NBA, his Value Add Rating for how many points he impacts a typical game (roughly 10 points is All-American level). The key to the table is: Rank = the player's conference ranking, Value Add = how many points he improves his team over a replacement player, Class = if he is in his 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th and final year of eligibility, Ht = his height, AdjD = how many points he takes away from opponents, and NBA = his percent chance of making the NBA.

Feel free to use any information contained in these statements as wanted, and email (, or text/call 404.606.3163 for any questions or additional quotes from John Pudner.

RankSECTeamValue AddClassHtAdjDNBA
1Oscar TshiebweKentucky10.4Jr6'9"-5.549%
2Jabari SmithAuburn8.02Fr6'10"-3.7599%
3Iverson MolinarMississippi St.7.81Jr6'3"-0.3249%
4Tari EasonLSU7.67So6'8"-3.462%
5Keon EllisAlabama7.44Sr6'6"-2.2448%
6Santiago VescoviTennessee7.2Jr6'3"-2.791%
7Jarkel JoinerMississippi6.81Sr6'1"-0.751%
8Darius DaysLSU6.54Sr6'7"-3.0620%
9TyTy WashingtonKentucky6.28Fr6'3"-1.2189%
10Kennedy ChandlerTennessee6.28Fr6'0-2.3779%
11Jaden ShackelfordAlabama6.27Jr6'3"-1.3512%
12Walker KesslerAuburn6.08So7'1"-4.3542%
13Kobe BrownMissouri5.94Jr6'8"-2.71%
14Au'Diese ToneyArkansas5.76Sr6'6"-0.521%
15Colin CastletonFlorida5.76Sr6'11"-3.435%
NBAJosiah-Jordan JamesTennessee2.68Jr6'6"-3.1633%
NBACharles BediakoAlabama4.2Fr7'0-2.342%
NBADaimion CollinsKentucky2.21Fr6'9"-1.760%
NBAAnthony DurujiFlorida4.94Sr6'7"-1.1547%
NBAJD DavisonAlabama4.59Fr6'3"-1.1468%
NBAJahvon QuinerlyAlabama4.35Jr6'1"-0.7450%
NBAMarcus WilliamsTexas A&M0.81So6'2"-0.6434%
NBADevan CambridgeAuburn2.74Jr6'6"-0.6333%
NBAJustin PowellTennessee2.74So6'6"-0.1939%
NBAAllen FlaniganAuburn0Jr6'6"0.1647%

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