Saturday, July 24, 2021

Videos of Fast Action Cards; Introduced to Cut Hoops Games to 45 Minutes; Baseball to 30

 The sharpest images of the Fast Action Cards are here in dropbox. Here is the front-and-back of one 4-sided card.

Decades ago the Statis-pro baseball game was revolutionized by putting the dice rolls and other results on Fast Action cards. These cards were then further advanced with 4-sided cards that let you play and entire 2-game series by flipping the results on the black font side of the card, then blue, then green, then red.

Today we introduced the same color scheme to 4-sided Fast Action Cards cards for Value Add Basketball Game.

These three back-to-back videos, lasting just more than two minutes total, show how to use the cards for each - as we play the New York Mets' debut of just acquired Rich Hill against the Pirates. 

Right below that game we flip the first new basketball Fast Action cards as we start a game between two basketball Cinderella's - the 1985 miracle Villanova national champs and the 2011 miracle Final 4 run by Shaka Smart's VCU.

With these cards we often play two 9 inning baseball games in less than an hour total, and a college basketball game between teams from 1943 to current teams in 45 minutes.

The key three links for this blog site the links to two free games with player cards - Statis-Pro Baseball Game and the Value Add Basketball Game - and the database rating all the college basketball players of this century at We started to track games.

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