Monday, July 5, 2021

1% Homer Gives NL 67 - 65 game win over AL

 Cristian Pache is only playing because of Ozuna's legal and physical problems, and he has just a 1.04% chance of hitting a home run off White Sox All-Star Lance Lynn. Lynn's PB 2-9 means the batter's card is only used on a roll or card flip of 10-12 - six of 36 possible rolls or a 1 in 6 chance, but it came up with a "10" in the second inning with bases loaded.

Once on the card of Pache, the No. 9 hitter rather than a pitcher due to playing in an AL park, Pache has the exact average homer range with four home run numbers (27-32) out of 64 (11-88 base 8) so the combo of the 10 and then 27 random number was a 1 in 100 chance (actually 1.04% chance) of a grandslam homer.

Charlie Morton made that hold up for a 6-1 Braves win that counts as a 3-game sweep in our games (win after leading by at least 5 runs through 8 innings without using yiur closer).

The White Sox did rally in the second game from.down 4-0 for a 5-4 win due the two other White Sox all-stars besides Lynn (see picture below). Three innings of scoreless relief were by a much improved Carlos Rodon and then a save by former Oakland A Liam Hendrik, however their 1-run win only counts as a 2-games-to-1 win, leaving the Braves with a 4-games-to-2 series win and ...

The NL wins our interleague series 67 games to 65.

Overall, seven of our 11 NL teams had a winning record, and another two went 6-6 against the AL. However, the final result was close because the only two NL teams with an overall losing record in their 12 games against the AL (the Padres and Giants) both went 2-10.

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