Sunday, July 18, 2021

July 30, 4 p.m. Real MLB Trade Deadline Impact Statis-Pro

With our readers divided between the 51,000 unique visitors to the Value Add Basketball Game and the 28,000 unique visitors to the Statis-Pro baseball game, some of the latter have noted the gap in our baseball updates since the AL All-Star team line-up.

Partly this is just getting caught between the MLB All-Star game and the great NBA Finals, which led to our NBA Finals Alumni Tournament (semifinals now set between Wisconsin 2015 vs. Villanova 2018, and UVa 2018 vs. Louisville 2020). However, the other reason for the gap in baseball simulations is the read trade deadline July 30 at 4 p.m. ET.

The new rules really do end all trades in 11 days - on Friday, July 30 at 4 p.m. ET. The old "send the trade through waivers" trick does not work anymore. You can dump a player with a huge salary on waivers and hope someone else will pick up the salary, but no more Justin Verlander trades a month after the deadline.

With the chance to know we will really be playing games with almost "final" rosters for each team in just two weekends, we are enjoying getting in the basketball action to see the players in our Value Add Basketball Game playing off with their old college teams before taking the court for the Suns vs. Bucks series.

However, we will be back to baseball soon and have tracked the following moves in our game. We leave players in the game if they just jump down to the minors, or go on 10-game DL, but we do take players out or put them back in the game depending on the 60-day DL, and we have some players coming and going in addition to some recent trades we have tracked below. These are recent changes we've made, and the Braves who were hit with another huge loss in Ronald Acuna Jr., and least picked up Joc Pederson to add a bit of power.

Here are the other changes we've just made in our stack of Statis-Pro cards. 

ArizonaaddedBrett deGeusRHPwaiver
AtlantaaddedJoc Pederson1Btrade
AtlantalostRonald Acuna JrRF60-day
Chicago CubslostJoc Pederson1Btrade
CincinnatiaddedMichael LorenzenRHP-OFwas 60-d
CincinnatilostNick SenzelCF60-day
ClevelandaddedRoberto PerezCwas 60-d
LA AngelslostHunter StricklandRHPtrade
LA AngelslostMike TroutCF60-day
MilwaukeeaddedHunter StricklandRHPtrade
NY MetslostAdam CimberRHPtrade
NY MetsaddedJD Davis3Bwas 60-d
NY YankeesaddedZack BrittonLHPwas 60-d
TexaslostBrett deGeusRHPwaiver
TorontoaddedAdam CimberRHPtrade
WashingtonlostWill HarrisRHP60-day

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