Saturday, July 31, 2021

Braves' Soler and Rodriguez Debut vs. DBacks in Statis-Pro

 The Braves made two more trade deadline applications to follow-up on the Joc Pederson acquisition and continue to try to offset some of their touch injuries this season. We added those players to the Braves' Statis-Pro stack of active cards and took Eduardo Escobar (now with Brewers) and Joakim Soria (now with Blue Jays) from the Diamondbacks stack. All updated rosters we made to our game are listed in this previous blog by team.

Rodgriguez, one of the players upgraded to pb 2-9 when we reviewed all ERAs and OPSs. The Braves led 9-4 after 8 innings in the opener and did not appear to need him until Tomlin gave up 3 runs and Rodriguez came in for the save. Soler went 3 for 4 in the opener with a homer, while Riley and Freeman led the Braves back from 2 behind in the 9th to a win in the nightcap.

The Braves took the series 4 games to 2 as shown below. The DBacks also were the last team to face the Nats before the Nats sell off, losing those games 5-1 to end up 42-48 after noth series.

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