Sunday, July 25, 2021

Mets' Rich Hill, 41, Debut Spoiled By Last Place Pirates

The 1st place Mets added Rich Hill asa 3rd starter, and he gave them five shutout innings in his Statis-pro debut. However, Polanco hit a 3-run homer in the 6th Saturday and the Pirates won 3-2, then won 4-2 in the second game.

The Mets stull have the best Statis-pro NL record at 50-34. Unlike in real baseball, the Statis-pro Mete have been almost at full strength. Our league rules dictate the only player cards we do not use are players not on the roster or players on the 60 day DL or who appear are in the process of missing 60 straight days.

Sunday Hill made his real debut against the Blue Jays', with the injury-riddled team is still forst in the NL East at 51-44.

NL Northwest                   NL Southeast

Milwaukee 42-30  ---        New York  50-34  ---

Los Angeles 43-35 -2        St. Louis     39-33   -5

Chicago        43-35  -2        Cincinnati  40-38  -7

Arizona        39-39  -6        Atlanta      40-38  -7

San Diego     35-37  -8        Washington 38-40  -9

Wild card if today: StL at ChC and Cin at LAD

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