Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Shaq Faces Last Marquette Team to Beat a Top 10 by +25

 On December 13, 1971, #2 Marquette beat #9 Michigan 81-52. Tuesday an unranked Marquette team beat #6 Baylor 96-70, the most lopsided win for a Marquette team against a Top 10 team since that game 51 years ago.

That made Jim Chones 3-0 at Marquette. He would finish 49-1, with only a one-point loss to Ohio State in the tournament that year in a game in which All-American guard Dean Meminger fouled out with five minutes to go. Marquette destroyed Kentucky in the consolation game to finish 25-1, then started the next season 21-0 before Chones left for the ABA - having gone 46-1 in his college career.

Our next look at that 1971 Marquette team is when Chones faces a pretty worthy big man opponent - Shaq! Here are pages 66 and 68 of the google doc with the 135 great all-time Value Add Basketball teams.

One rule item from years back, the "3-point" shot for both Shaq and Chones is actually a chance for a traditional 3-point play. If this comes up, they make a 2-pointer and are fouled by the opposing player for a chance at a 3-point play. Both have only a 55% chance at actually making the 3-pointer to complete the 3-point play, since they are both 1-11 Free Throw Made, meaning 12-20 is a missed free throw.

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