Saturday, November 5, 2022

Statis-Pro Pitchers for All-Time Great Teams Complete - Including 2022 Astros and Phillies

 With Game 6 of the World Series pending, we have now added the pitchers for the 60 great all-time teams - so you can click here for the sheet of all batters and pitchers to play the free Statis-Pro game.

The pitchers' cards are calculated a bit differently for the all-time game then for a given season.

Here is the walk through using the Atlanta Braves 1995 team.

We list each teams starting pitchers in blue, in order of best ERA down.

We then list the most logical closer in red, and finally the other relievers in order of best ERA down.

In the game, 7% of pitchers are PB 2-9 (the best result, for an ERA about half of the league average, with 20% PB 2-8 etc.

PBPitchers%Normal Season
PB 2-9577%5%
PB 2-815820%10%
PB 2-728035%20%
PB 4-715920%30%
PB 2-6699%20%
PB 2-5284%10%
PB 2-4435%5%

More details to follow.

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