Sunday, November 20, 2022

Kareem's UCLA Back in All-Time Top 25; Walton's UCLA No. 1

UCLA's thrilling 93-92 overtime win against Baylor moved them back into my Value Add Basketball Game top 25 standings at No. 21. The team started as one of the top 5 teams in our game, but was stunned 71-86 by the 1980 DePaul team to fall all the way out of our Top 25.

Bill Walton led his 1972 UCLA team to the title in our first All-Time Great tournament of the first 96 teams we created, defeating Michael Jordan's UNC team in the title game. Some of the 21st century teams played a mini-conference schedule before the 20th century teams were created, and as usual Kansas rolled up huge victory margins against the Big 12 to rank 2nd behind UCLA 1972 right now.

We plan to play the six top 25 teams who have played fewer than three games to see who is for real. Teams start with the rating based on how good their cards appear to calculate, then with each game the rating is adjusted based on the opponent they play and their margin of victory or defeat - just like calculates - but we add an extra component of the winner of each game getting a +5 and the loser a -5. If we use home court advantage (which lets the home team switch rolls of 36 to 66 and vice versa) then we will add +8 for road wins and -8 for home losses, while adding only +2 for home wins and -2 for road losses.

The Rating basically indicates how many points better than the average team in the game each team is - so UCLA looks 15 or 16 points better right now. However, keep in mind these great teams are about 21 points better than the average basketball team any season, so UCLA would be about 36 or 37 points better than the average basketball team in any given season.

Here is the top 25, and we will post the rankings in each conference next.

Rnk  Great Team         YearStar                       W   L   Pts      Allow    Rate
1UCLA1972       B Walton6072.062.015.5
2Kansas2008M Chalmers5174.756.015.2
3Kentucky 1996A Walker1172.571.013.3
4Duke2001S Battier2084.574.012.8
5Villanova2018M Bridges7279.470.310.8
6Kansas1997P Pierce3075.360.310.1
7Indiana1976S May3171.359.89.6
8North Carolina2005S May3272.264.49.6
9Duke1992C Laettner1171.564.59.2
10Cincinnati1960O Robertson1169.573.58.7
11Gonzaga2017N Williams-Goss3369.863.08.7
12Houston1968E Hayes3173.063.88.5
13Virginia2019K Guy4172.665.48.3
14Duke2010J Scheyer5274.066.77.9
15UNLV1991L Johnson1176.575.57.3
16Michigan St.2000M Cleaves3088.378.37.3
17Baylor2021J Butler2286.078.57.1
18Connecticut2004B Gordon4273.564.07.0
19Louisville2013R Smith2174.066.37.0
20North Carolina1982M Jordan5168.865.06.7
21UCLA1967K Jabbar2183.087.05.6
22DePaul1980M Aguirre3080.367.75.6
23North Carolina St.1974D Thompson2172.072.75.1
24Purdue2018C Edwards4171.268.85.0
25Michigan1989G Rice0169.070.04.6


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