Friday, November 18, 2022

2017 Gonzaga vs. 1996 Kentucky to Resume VABG Play

 With Kentucky visiting Gonzaga Sunday evening as the marque game of the weekend, we may match up the 2017 Zags against the 1996 Kentucky Wildcats. Here is the drop box connect to all the great teams including those two. Everything you need to print is in the VABG Instructions. As a refresher, you need to print out the scoresheet and the two teams, which we picture below in prep for the game.

But first, on our game log of all time games, this will only be our second game for the 1996 Kentucky squad, while Anthony Davis 2012 squad won 4 games in our first all-time tournament before falling. The 2017 Gonzaga team is the only Zags squad and has won two blowouts to offset a couple of losses.

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