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History Making Don Newcombe, Jackie Robinson Sweep of 27 Yankees Highlight of Early All-Time Standings

Only 18 of our 60 All-Time Great Statis-Pro Baseball teams have played. We are keeping them all within their 10-team divisions, but listing the results so far from all games. The results of all our games are listed on the third tab of this google sheet, after the pitchers and batters.

The toughest of the six divisions by far is the New York-Boston Division, featuring many of the greatest teams of all time. In fact, a Boston or New York team has won 38% of all World Series (45 of 118).

After the 1927 New York Yankees won the one other all-time season I played years ago, our opening games were better for New York haters.

Ted Williams 1946 team that finally topped the Yankees and came within one game of the World Series hammered Roger Maris' 1961 Yankees in two games. That Red Sox team really was better than the 1961 Yankees, but you never know how a two game sereis will go.

The most fun came in the other NY-Boston Divisional Series though, where the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers team that finally beat the Yankees for a World Series hammered our defending champion 1927 Yankees as well. They barely pulled off the first game 3-2, but managed to knock multiple Yankees pitcher in the nightcap and then battered the bottom of the pitching staff for a 19-9 win to stay ahead of Gehrig and Ruth.

This Brooklyn team not only ran away with the NL, they scored the most runs in the league and allowed the fewest runs. The had four of the top 100 players of all time in Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson and the two players who finished virtually tied for league MVP that year in Roy Campanella and Duke Snider.

Less than a decade earlier of course, Robinson and ace pitcher Don Newcombe were not allowed in MLB, but rather playing for the Kansas City Monarchs and Newark Eagles in the Negro Leagues - where Robinson's OPS was above 1.000 and Newcombe had a 2.60 ERA.

While Robinson broke the color barrier, Newcomb also set a mark on the team in the game also made history with a dominant 20-5 season. A few years earlier he became the first black pitcher with 20 wins in MLB and the year after the World Series title he led the league with 27 wins.  In our game he started the 3-2 win over the 1927 Yankees.

Team                                 Year       WL   RS   RA  Opponent, Scores                     Division
Brooklyn Dodgers1955202211NYY 1927 - 3-2, 19-9NY-Boston
Boston Red Sox194620175NYY 1961 - 8-1, 9-4NY-Boston
Philadelphia Phillies1980201610Det 1909- 12-8, 4-2East
Oakland A's197220112Sea 3-1 (10), 8-1West
Atlanta Braves19952093Wash Sen 1924 - 2-1 (10), 7-2South
Cleveland Indians19542084Mont 3-2 (12), 5-2East
Kansas City Royals19852085St. L Browns 5-3, 3-2Midwest
Cincinnati Reds19751164Hou 1998 2-3 (11), 4-1South
Philadelphia Phillies20081154Pitt- 0-1, 5-3 (11)East
Pittsburgh Pirates19091145Phil 2008 - 1-0, 3-5 (11)East
Houston Astros19981146Cin 1975 3-2 (11), 1-4South
New York Yankees1927021122Brook 1955 - 2-3, 9-19NY-Boston
Detroit Tigers1909021016Phil 1980, 8-12, 2-4East
St Louis Browns19220258KC 1985 - 3-5, 2-3Midwest
New York Yankees196102517Bost Red Sox 1946 1-8, 4-9NY-Boston
Montreal Expos19940248Cleve1954, 2-3 (12), 2-5East
Washington Senators19240239Atl 1995 - 1-2 (10), 2-7South
Seattle Mariners200102211Oak 72 - 1-3 (10), 1-8West

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