Sunday, November 20, 2022

College Hoops 2nd Best Conference History - Big Ten

The second greatest conference so far in our Value Add Basketball Game is the Big Ten - which has had 21 National Champions, and Maryland won the title in 2002 before joining the Big Ten. Here is the list by school - Chicago 1907-1909; Illinois 1915; Indiana 1940, 1953, 1976, 1981,1987; Maryland 2002; Michigan 1989; Michigan State 1979, 2000; Minnesota 1902, 1919; Northwestern 1931; Ohio State 1960; Purdue 1932; Wisconsin 1912, 1914, 1916, 1941.

The conference is led so far by the last undefeated team in basketball, Bobby Knight's 1976 squad, followed by the last actual Big Ten Champion, the 2000 Michigan State Spartans.

It truly is amazing the Big Ten has technically not won a title this century (2000 is technically is the last year of the 20th century). Consider that Frank Kaminsky led Wisconsin to a 2015 Final Four upset against the Kentucky team that was considered by some the greatest ever until that game. Further only a bizarre final few seconds cost Purdue a win over eventual national champ Virginia in 2018.  Michigan State is constantly on the verge of a title.

So far the top 6 teams in the conference are 15-6 against the other greatest teams, and rank second with a 5.8 rating - which estimates they are about 6 points better than the average great team in the game - or about 27 points better than the average team.

RnkGreat TeamYearKey Player           W  L  Pts    Allow  Rate
 Top 6 Other Conf  15673.768.25.8
1Indiana1976Scott May3171.359.89.6
2Michigan St.2000Mateen Cleaves3088.378.37.3
3Purdue2018Carsen Edwards4171.268.85.0
4Michigan1989Glen Rice0169.070.04.6
5Illinois2005Deron Williams3272.069.64.3
6Michigan St.1979Magic Johnson2170.362.74.1
7Wisconsin2015Frank Kaminsky2265.063.33.4
8Michigan1965Cazzie Russell1181.071.52.5
9Iowa2021Luka Garza1088.069.02.4
10Ohio St.1960Jerry Lucas0178.079.02.2
11Illinois1989Nick Anderson1178.077.02.0
12Indiana1981Isaiah Thomas1173.073.01.3
13Michigan St.2009Draymond Green6371.371.90.9
14Michigan2013Trey Burke1270.369.70.3
15Ohio St.2007Greg Oden2370.271.4-0.4
16Purdue1969Rick Mount0186.087.0-0.8
17Maryland1984Len Bias1169.568.5-3.2
18Indiana2002Jared Jeffries1367.372.8-3.9
19Maryland2002Juan Dixon1367.076.3-4.0
20Iowa2001Reggie Evans1271.075.3-5.3

We invented the Value Add Basketball Game, and since then have grown it to to 135 teams of all-time great teams and players. We have played 188 games to date, and 63,000 unique visitors have clicked on the game. 

Seven current conferences have at least six all-time great teams in the game. We decided to rank those conferences based on the average rating of their top six teams so far in our games against other teams.

Click on the game to play yourself - it contains everything you need to play the Value Add Basketball game, which lets you pit any of 136 great all-time college teams against each other. To pick your two teams it is best to click on this Google doc and print the pages of the teams you want (each team is one page). I track my games on this google sheet, but play your own for free!

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